Anyone just feel like you're in a bubble like you're here but really not here? All you do all day is just sit home and think about all your failures, all your mistakes, all your opportunities you destroyed? Anyone just sit in bed all day thinking and feeling like you have bad health? No reason just any feeling makes you feel like something is completely wrong? Headaches are tumors, stomachaches are tumors, chest pain is a heart attack etc I sit and watch Facebook and Instagram and see people so happy having fun living life taking selfies, working, taking trips and I just feel like I can't do that. I feel impending doom all day smh I dont laugh much dont smile much I just sit home and feels like I'm watvhing through binoculars seeing everyone living their life. Feels like my life is on hold right now .... I dont get dressed much just wear sweats n where I need to go then run home.. When I see people in public I'm cool with I try to avoid them but then when I can't avoid I keep the convo short. I'm becoming so internalized I feel miserable smh. I only.come out to talk to my family sometimes. At the moment I dont live wit my wife because we have to find a I spend 16 my room. I sleep in my room, watch TV , eat, surf the net, sit on my phone for about 12 hours a day. I am in anxiety sites and Google for literally 14 hours. I hardly watch the tv I have it on but I'm not paying attention to it. Feels like I have the worse anxiety in the world.......


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  • Literally every word. that is exactly how i feel 100%. You're' not alone my friend.

    I think you should try and deactivate your Facebook account and stuff. I did awhile ago i am 21 and i know that's young but i feel better without it. 4 years now without it. And almost a year without Instagram. I used to be obsessed with it.

  • I had to comment again.. I hope you don't mind, but i was reading some of your post, and i just wanted to tell you i can relate in so many ways and it sucks.

    I hope you get the help that you need and you can have a happy family. I am sure you will be an excellent father. You seem like you have the kindest heart. From what i can tell you have only good intentions in life and only want to conquer them and prove yourself. keep looking for the job you want or need because you will get there and in no time you will be to busy to think because you will be working hard for your family.

  • I was thinking about and try connecting to the outside world. I literally stick to my phone all day.. When I finally go outside to do something real quick I can't stay out too long I get on edge and just want to go home and lay on my bed and find a cure for anxiety smh

  • people tell me the more i do something the more familiar i get with it, so like you, and i and many others, are getting to use to the idea of staying home and being cooped up.

    I know its hard but you have to have to keep making yourself do things (things you want to enjoy) outside in the real world so we can adjust to it and familiarize and tell ourselves theirs nothing wrong here my mind is doing silly things and i need to except that and breath and be calm and maybe count in your head if you wont say it out loud till your calm. i have freaked myself out many times in public and even when i cant relax properly i tell myself that the next time i go out i will stay longer i will communicate don't be scared you can do this. I am afraid i will always have to do this but if i do i will keep telling myself these positive things even though i will be disappointed that i have to rush away and hide away in my room. Please think positive thoughts.. you can do it Hope4TheBest07

  • Thanks man that really helped. We can't hide from ourselves. You're right man. Can I message u?

  • anytime, sure.

  • I am with u there haven't worked for two years now I worked all my life up to then slot of stuff happen in the year I stopped working and can't let it go it's so hard driving me crazy

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