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Christmas Party all invited from Anxiety UK


Hi all,

So its nearly christmas not really a happy time, for everyone uh! Well wouldn't we all make a christmas party go well hey! just imagine everyone from this site turning up to your party, er maybe not then.

We are going to have our party online, its fancy dress, bring a record, favourite nibble, and who, if you had any choice, you would bring with you!

1st fancy dress = im coming as, pretty obvious really, vincent vega from the film pulp fiction, sooo cool you are vinny,

2nd record = John Denver Annies song, cheer everyone up, makes me cry every time, how dare they use it for the bloody talktalk advert! are they joking, although talktalk do also make me cry sometimes!

3rd my nibble = I got the crisps covered, enough for all, why make them so loverly, i love you crisps, anyone remember a packet of crisps called 'puffs' not the ones like wotsits, these were like bits of crisps that you could crush up and just tip in, i loved them sooo much, never found them again though from a few years back, prob caused kids to go nuts with a million E's in or something, didnt do nothing to me says Mr Anxiety,

4th im bringing = John Travolta, no i am, shut up i am, my god, if i was gay, no lets not go there, no really lets not, enough said on that me think my lawers are waiting so leave it alone, oh but maybe if i was, from what i hear he might be ok with that. i just dont believe it John they are all going on my list John boy,

im waiting for your replys though please dont panic over your answer, or get too anxious thinking of the right reply, we all crazy in this party mate, TTFN VV x

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Ha ha what a fab idea.

I would bring...... my other half. He suffers from anxiety, but hasnt got internet. Would love him to read what you are all going through and his symptoms are similar to those of you on here. Maybe make him feel a little more human.

Fancy the 80's, punk rocker. Billy Idol (mmmmmm).

Food................dips to go with the crisps.

Music................i like all sorts of music. As long as it isnt cheesy xmas tunes, though if we are honest you do find your feet tapping along, or even dragging yourself up on the dance floor.

Lou. xx

VincentVega in reply to Hidden

Hey lou,

Of course, bring your fella along, he can hang with me, and bring the anxiety too we will put it with the hats and coats there will be plenty, he is lucky to have someone who is trying to understand how he feels though, good on you lou, hey that rythms. ah Billy idol, love it, dips great thats me sorted, agreed with the cheesy xmas tunes, nah, but wait cheesy, oh i do love cheese, sounds like all i think about is food, wait a min, i do. Not much of a dancer though dragging will be required, thanks for reply lou, see ya there VV x

hi, I'll gladly be there!

I'll wear my tinkerbell outfit - size 22, you will believe fairies can fly!

food - sausages on sticks

guest- dermot o'leary just for the hugs and to watch him dance - scrummy!

music - my pinky & perky christmas LP.

can't wait!


Hey tinkerbell,

i believe, i do, your look great. sausages on sticks yum, we need those pinapple and cheese ones too. dermot o'leary ok sandra, hug away, now pinky and perky, wow this takes me back, i loved them, many years back i bought my daughter a video of pinky and perky for xmas thinking she will love it, couple of things i didnt think of, push a button on the front of the video case and the two pigs eyes light up red, looking like something from silence of the lambs, then when she heard them sing she ran! see you there tinkerbell VV x

Fancy dress - cow costume as I have just bought it for another Christmas party.

Music - good mix of 60's, Motown, cheese, pop & indie rock

Food - any breaded baked cheese

Guest - Russell Howard, he can make anyone laugh. I also think he's quite sexy in a geeky sort of way.

Sounds fun, K x

Hey, great idea, i'll be there!

Fancy Dress - Think I'll come as a cowgirl - can't ride for toffee, but i love those culottes, and stetsons - and if anyone annoys me I can shoot them with my Colt .45 (always supposing I can lift it!)

Music - I'll bring my "Brokenhearted - Love Songs of the 60's and 70's" double album - if it doesn't make us cry, we'll be bopping all night! :)

Food - little brie and cranberry finger sarnies!

Companion - oh, only one possible choice - Kevin Kline (Sophie's Choice, Fish Called Wanda) - sexiest thing on two legs even if he is ... erm older than me, even ;)

See y'all there!

Great idea, VV :)


Hey Rose,

That's just great, in a room full of anxious panickers, our Rose is bringing a gun, oh well sounds like fun Rose, it will make the party go with a bang, (boom boom),

Great choice of music, no i mean it great! its getting better, we got the sounds of the brokenhearted or pinky and bloody perky, lol

Rose, brie, why? i was walking around sainsburys once, yes walking thats right, when i was one of the normals, and someone at christmas time gave me a sample of brie, of course being the pig i am, (and free mind you) i took the biggest lump and in it went, oh boy, big mistake, not good, in trouble now, feel sick, everyone is looking, so i took the safe option and run for the exit, not the first time i have run from a shop, but this had nothing to do with anxiety lol that will teach me. Sorry Rose but your in the corner until you finish the brie ok, and yes 'you can put this baby in the corner!'

Kevin Kline, great choice, what about 'in and out' have you seen that film Rose, where he plays the gay teacher, love that film, he is a great actor,

See you there Rose, VV x

Kevin Kline NOT being gay! ;)

thats it Rose, thanks for that clip still makes me laugh, excellent stuff

;) Rose

Brad Pitt, eat your heart out! ;)

Hey K,

i think you have such a wide range of good musical tastes its only fair if we let moo look after the dj-ing only if you want to, dump the pinky and perky though, dont tell tinkerbell (sorry tink). are you the back half or front half, or are you an all in one cow? i wouldnt want to be the back half, poor cow.

Russell Howard, yep he is very funny, and i suppose you could call him a sexy geek yes, if thats your thing K bring that funny sexy geek along with ya,

so far, we have a cow, a gangster, billy idol and tinkerbell, pretty good me thinking,

thanks for reply K, see ya there VV x

Hey, i said i'd only use the gun if someone upsets me - so just don't upset me :) And NO I won't sit in a corner with my Brie - it's delicious and I'll spread it on EVERYTHING - and watch it, I've got a gun ;)

Don't you dare equate sounds of the 60/70s with pinky and perky - though i do think pinky and perky are quite funny actually ;)

Kevin Kline - glad you approve of ONE of my choices, I'd have boycotted your party otherwise! :( No, In and Out is one I haven't got round to - seen clips, which look hilarious - have you ever seen his iconic Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance - specubloodytacular!!!!!! Specially the stage version - film version not so good. He is one of the greats - although he's also made some ruddy awful films, like The Wild Wild West - I struggled through the first 10 minutes, but even for the love of Kline, I couldn't stand it ;) I want to see his latest, but they never seem to come out over here - The Conspirator and Darling Companion - oh, well, guess I'll just have to scrape together the pennies and buy the DVDs :(

Oh, and if anyone says I'll look like a walking mushroom in a stetson - I WILL shoot 'em! ;)



BriarRose in reply to hamble99b

Sorry, Sandra, still doesn't work :( xxxx

hamble99b in reply to BriarRose

sorry, I googled "christmas with pinky & perky"


hamble99b in reply to hamble99b

this should work

BriarRose in reply to hamble99b

Love it! :-D xxxx

hamble99b in reply to BriarRose

Ha Sandra, got me good, but come on, add the red eyes coupled with those freaky voices, stuff of nightmares

Im loving this :-) meking me giggle gud and prober xxx

last one

scary eyes would be too much for me too!


I've found the lego shows from these links they're good!

wtf! where's your gun Rose? lol

I'll post more.............

Ah! NOW you want my Colt .45! Probably right, this clip does need shooting! - sorry Sandra! ;) xxx

oh please Sandra, i even clicked on the 'where theres life theres soap' one, whats wrong with me!

it's tinsel-itis!


wasn't [and isn't!] michael [ask] aspel handsome.

very good Sandra, i like it,

Since we're obviously being REALLY silly ;) how about this one?

Its an improvement on two helium filled singing pigs,

Thanks for this post and all the silly clips. It's really cheered me up over the last few days.

Now I suppose if I'm here I should be prepared to party. Hmmm ... I've never really been one for parties but here goes; better late than not at all.

Fancy dress - well I've really only got a bat costume. Wrong festival I know and if the doors are narrow I'm liable to get stuck and you'll still have me for New Year. Better hide the good ornaments too in case I take a swipe at those turning round. But a bat it is - I'm sure I can jazz my wings up with a bit of tinsel. Now I have to warn you I'm feeling a bit depressed at the moment. What with all that anxiety hanging up in the closet with coats I thought I'd just stuff the depression into the umbrella stand behind the door I'm planning to leave it there though at the end of the night (well I'd have to, I've never taken an umbrella home yet).

Food - easy, I'll eat anything so I'll just bring some nibbles to top up those already there. Maybe some hummous and celary although no-one else ever likes them.

Music - now I've had to dig deep, reviewed the collection, finally see what my friend meant when she called it music to slash your wrists too but I've got it and I'll soon have you all bopping along to Eliza Dolittle's "Pack up Your Troubles".

Fantasy Guest - and here we come unstuck. The only guy I'd want to take anywhere is the late, great Patrick Swayze. I've tried to think of someone else but no:

So I'll be the Bat in the corner dirty dancing with The Ghost; can't wait.

All best wishes.x

Well, there is an opera called Die Fliedermause (sp?) = The Bat - and it is a comedy! ;) But - err - shouldn't you be bringing Robin? ;) xxxxxxxx

Hmmm ...... Batman. Now you've got me thinking all sorts of things about Christian Bale, Rose. But no, I shall be strong, best to stay away. Our wings would get entangled anyway, we'd end up knocking over the Christmas tree!!! Better to stay with Patrick - unless we try one of those flying lifts, of course but that's another story!!!!!

come on in you big bat you, mind me china there, ah you brought your umbrella just put it by the door with the other 14 youve left every time you visit me. i'd like to see the size of the bag we could pack our troubles in!

ah and you have dear patrick with you, point break, road house, ghost some of my fav films, a wait a min, when did we agree to bringing people that have past on? lol rip patrick watch out for a bat dragging you to a party. best wishes FL VV

patrick swayze, good one! doesn't everyone have a christmas bat on their tree?

thankyou for not diss-ing the pigs!


How could anyone diss the pigs, Sandra?!!

indeed! but yet some do. [I'm not naming any names V V!]

it's all good fun and what a good topic.



yes, how could they indeed, those sweet little piggies, dont pay any attention to them Sandra, they know nothing!

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