Christmas Anxiety

Hi All,

I would firstly like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a healthy new year.

I had until this morning been doing reasonably well with anxiety and panic attacks. However, I have become very anxious about it being Christmas Day tomorrow. I am anxious about having to spend all day will relatives and am fearful of having a panic attack. I have also had some quite severe cold symptoms that have raised my anxiety. I do not know why the approach of Christmas day has had such an effect on me.

Does anyone know what this experience is like.

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  • Yes,yes probably does most of the wonderful people on here.....When anxious I,d didn,t like the feeling of having to do anything as we see it as pressure everything seems like a "responsibility". But we create that pressure by trying to "people please". Its not your job to please everyone, or to conform so that others don,t think bad of you..ITS THEIR PROBLEM......have a good day, consider others but you must consider yourself as well. Their is always a way to express what you would like on YOUR Christmas day. Don,t put the world on your shoulders, its not up to you whether others enjoy themselves. I used to feel the spotlight was always on never was....I realise now I wasn,t that important!

    Go a little later/ leave a little earlier..ha ha......God will all be over 24hrs from now..xxxx

  • Thanks... Have a great Christmas.

  • I will ..If YOU will...xxxxx

  • Hi. stde. Says it all. Have a good Christmas. Blessings. jonathan.

  • Many thanks

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