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Hi all I just wondered if anyone else has trouble recovering from colds and infections. If I get a cold I could knocked out for over a month. This year I've had quite a few colds, tonsilitis for three months and a virus that lasted two months. I get left with a headach, glands up in my neck and exhausted. I've had all the blood tests. I've been exhausted because of depression and got out of it by working out. But while my anxiety and depression may have caused my immune system to be crap, I'm not well enough to work out - if I try the physical symptoms are worse. Seems all the doc can do is tell me go take paracetamol, vitamins and zinc. I feel like I'm 60 rather than 36, I shouldn't be this sickly. Any advice or empathy would be much appreciated x


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  • HI Anxiety x I am exactly the same x Once I have a cold/virus it seems to knock me for six. It gradually gets worse until i have to give in and take antibiotics x I have a very low immune system at the moment as I think most people with anxiety/depression probably find they have x What you have to also bear in mind is that once we have one bug in our system it leaves it open and vulnerable to more x and because our bodies cannot recover as fast as most people due to our vulnerable positions we pick these bugs up no problems x The vitamin thing is a good idea, these can help boost our systems x maybe not warding colds off but helping them get out the system faster x Also the flu jab I have found is great for protecting against the smaller colds x I also feel at times like an old woman x and im also 36 so its a common thing in or cases xx :) Hope you feel better soon x Donver x

  • I'm also a sufferer from constant long running infections - especially bad now as I have M.E. And the M.E. is an object lesson in why you should take care of yourself - I spent 9 months in a job where I had to travel which caused lots of anxiety and ended up with a series of flu - chest infection - pneumonia which didn't clear up and was finally diagnosed as M.E. The moral of this story (I feel like a 1980s childrens TV show!) is don't overdo it! Biochemically, although adrenaline is the sexy molecule that gets all the attention when you are anxious you also pump out cortisol which (among other things) is an immune supressor so in a way it's not surprising that if you are constantly stressed you pick up everything that's going round.

  • Thanks everyone I really wish you well, especially evilimbic. The Dr was crap. I mean I know I'm at the tail end of this cold after spending all week in bed. But there is a lot of fear around getting ill before I'm better, or only being better for a week. I do live on microwave meals and haven't been well enough to work out all ear

  • Whoops that posted early! Was gonna add that I have a new work plan as well - still lots of work but less stress. I'm really hoping that this will lead to me being well next year...

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