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DISMISSAL ON ill health grounds

Hi everyone,, I an NHS employer. Being of sick for the last 7 months due to work related stress anxiety depression, I can't carry out my day to day life, My anxiety and depression is causing for problems to my health, I am 51 years old. Now my employer is forcing me to go to OH health, AFTER Having my long term stage 2 meeting Formal. My panic attacks getting worse with there phone calls, I also started to faint, I am on medication,, Mentally physically I feel dreamed, I have a fear that they dismiss me on ill health grounds not on Ill health retirement. I feel so depressed and worried about all this. Has anybody had an experience on this matter. Any advie will be aprriciated. Union is guiding me. His on Mamager side..Union not supportive at all,,, I hope veryone is keeping well.. Warm hughes to everyone..

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Hi there.  I work for NHS too. The OH referral is part of the sickness and absence process. Your manager has to refer you or they are not following the policy and will get in trouble. I find that OH are on the employee's side (ie yours) and will give sound recommendations to management. You say it is work related anxiety, do you need to think about changing jobs or are you being bullied ( that happens a lot in hospital where I work) - if so get that tackled. Do you have staff counselling service - if so use it because it is confidential and not disclosed on your records and no one will know you even attend - it is self referral.  Maybe think of getting different union rep. Take care of yourself. Let me know how you get on.

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Hi lawsgm. I had to change my OH appointment. I was not well at all to attend that they. So i have changed to Thursday. Wish me luck. It is bullying and harassment.  I feel so tired for the past 4 years complaining. You complain but nothing changes. Management always find an easy way of getting out. Yes at he second meeting they asked me if I want to be redeployed somewhere else. I don't feel strong enough to take any other people's harassment.  I feel drained. Yes I tried care first. But did not help. GP referred me to CBT that didn't help. Now my GP increased the dose of my antidepressants and refer me to hospital could be councilling. I have fear lost self confident.  Don't want to get of bed. I feel I had enough. Thanks for the respond. Sending you warm hughes.. xxx



I worked for the nhs for 34 years, during this time 2004 I hurt myself at work, I didn,t get much support from them. from that year I struggled at work which did lead to depression and I lost my confidence. I had an operation on my elbow and 3 on my shoulder whilst still at work. by this time I was off sick a lot. I asked to be referred to occy health and found them very supportive. I was full time before I hurt myself, then I tried 30hrs, 25hrs 20hrs. eventually I told them I couldn,t do it anymore 2008. I applied for ill health retirement with the support of occy health. it was hard because the nhs don,t make it easy and it was a long process. I finally got tier one ill health in 2009.

my advice to you is to keep fighting it, if you don,t get it first time apply again. get letter to support you from your gp. try to keep strong. I wish you lots of luck.

I still feel very angry with the nhs, and still suffer depression. I loved my job. x

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Hi Dilly, honestly I loved my job 2. When I come back from my annual leave I was so happy to be back at work again. I felt that place was like my little baby.  All the changes  old team retired. After 2012 my problems started. I  clappest  first time work related stress anxiety depression. After 4 months I managed the recover. Management changed again all being bullied and harassed I felt like I went down the drain again. So if I get a report from my GP to take it to OH will that help. My GP is concerned. Or shall wait till oh to contact my GP. Without there advice can you apply for I'll health retirement. It's lovely to meet you. I hope I will winn my case.  I am angry heart broken. I will never wish to anybody what I am going through still couldn't sleep because of thinking. Thanks for the support... xxxx warm  hughes x


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