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working and anxiety

hi everyone, im new here. ihave just completed 2 years on the work programme and have now been reffered back to the jobcentre for a more stricter approach to finding employment. I do my best to look for work but i have been diagnosed with anxiety last year by my GP and he put me on 100mg of sertraline. The anxiety takes over my life everyday and i cant even hold voluntary work down, so how am i going to hold a job down?...claiming ESA is my last resort becuase i dont want my anxiety to beat me, i want to beat my anxiety, but at the moment i just can not work. My mum has also recently had a severe breakdown and with me being the oldest i have to make sure she is ok and never know when she is going to fall to pieces again. I just feel as tho i am spiralling into a dark hole.

thanks for listening....well reading :)

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Welcome Wolves.

Unfortunately the new government policy on benefit is causing the jobsworths in the job centres to be very uncaring, as I am retired I no longer have to go through it. Could you not get a sick not from you GP stating that you are unable to work. Does your mum require full time care, if so could you be her sole carer,( just a thought).


i have thaught about going to my GP but he dosent like giving sick notes out really. The only problem with my mum is she cant leave the house on her own, i have to take her to all her appointments, and sort all her money out


Could you maybe investigate careers allowance? I know benefits are not the answer but it could give you breathing space for you and your mum to get well again.

Being a carer is really stressful but there is support out there for carers which you may want to look into. If you visit the GP he may be able to point you in the right direction.

Anxiety is a nightmare and work is a real challenge. I have a full time job but every day is a real struggle and I have had a fair bit if sick leave this last year. My advice is go to the GP, explain your circumstances and see what he says. If your doctor is not understanding then try a different one. I find the younger generation of GPs can be more understanding.

Take care.


Hi,I've had exact same situation as u!i had to leave my job after 6 years as anxiety and panic attacks well as u my doctors diagnosed anxiety and slight depression.anyhoo I'm seeing a hypnotherapy and have started my own business.I was on jsa but new I couldn't hold down a job as I wouldn't last two seconds due to freaking out.i stayed on jsa but realised I'm wasting there time and mine as I new I couldn't work for I went on esa for a short while sent doctors note I'm working for myself.i would recommend you see your doctor and say would you provide doctors notes for esa while you are trying to get better.that will take the stress of looking for a job you no ur not ready for at this moment in time. Sorry if went on abit.xx


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