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Planes and anxiety

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is well.

To get to the point, I irrationally developed a fear of flying when anxiety took hold. I used to love flying, but suddenly even the thought of a plane made me feel uneasy. So last week I decided to face my fear and booked a short stay with my partner to Amsterdam. The flight is not for another month but I decided nothing was going to cure my fear other than just getting on with it. It always seems easier when you are feeling mentally and physically strong with no symptoms of anxiety. However for no reason whatsoever last night I had my first panic attack in ages! I must admit I was very tired, had done nothing but run around for the past week, had very little to eat all day and had errands to run. I ended up standing in B&Q, my stomach flipping out, stomach cramps, tight lasted all night at what I would call a 'basic level' (I give my anxiety levels to help me get through it) but what a kick. I immediately started thinking about how I didn't want to get on a plane...yet rediculously, now I am feeling better today, I'm fine about going to the airport and willing to face my fear. It just proved to me how much the anxiety effects you physically and mentally.

sorry if this blog post doesn't make sense, I am so tired today, and somebody at work on the desk over from me is talking so loud I can barely hear myself think!!! roll on 5 o clock.



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I totally relate to this..... cos of my anxiety Ive always hated flying but wouldnt let it beat me, but just before xmas I couldnt face going, and had to call off (dont know how my boyfriend didnt bin me... my brother said he would have!!)

but like you the thought of flying can make me feel anxious, but when im feeling relaxed i feel i can take on the world... trying to battle through it at the min,,,, but i totally relate to you... good luck, im sure you'll be fine xx


Hi Anne64,

I too had to call off a break to Paris for me and my bf so I know exactly how you feel. I felt terrible and still feel guilty.

Thank you. I am having a better day today after getting some sleep. So am feeling better about the flying. I have no idea how I am going to be the night before or on the day. I just hope I can get through it without an attack. I think that is what scares me most, the thought of going through those horrible symptoms in the middle of the sky with no way out. But, I'm concentrating on the break :)



I think knowing that other people feel the same is a great help... I know I have felt like a wierdo sometimes feeling like this, cos none of my mates experience this to this extreme!! I plan to fight it and not let it mean I can never fly again.... All the very best of luck.... yes concentrate on the happy times.... keep us posted!! xx


I think when we are tired and exhausted, which we always seem to be because of our anxieties things seem to be much worse. I recently had to fly to the UK as my Dad had died.and didn't think I could do that journey. My psychologist advised me to take very small steps at a time and break the journey down into small stepss. Don't look at the whole picture as it's too scary. So,Mandy, small steps and you will get there and back.I did. :) Good luck.


Hi Jeffju,

I agree. I'm sorry to hear about the reason for your travel. But you are right, small steps. :) I am feeling much better today so I hope it stays that way.



Hi totally understand how your anxiety comes out off the blue for flying when u were fine before , i am 43 and have suffered over the years with panic atacks I am a roofer an since I was 15 have always been on roofs 2 3. And 4 stirred buildings with out scaffolding no fear at all , then one day a couple years ago I went to the top off a small ladder and totally froze ever since cant go on any roofs or heights I no it's crazy just like that a fear is born other people just say its in your head get over it but you no its not always that simple , saying that go for it get on the plane and have a good time. X


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