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I can't live with my anxiety anymore


I don't even know where to start. I have always been an anxious person but for the past 2 years my anxiety has been unbearable. Last year I was housebound for 8 months and refused to even leave the front door. I have now gotten to the stage where I can go back out again but I am always on edge and nothing is enjoyable for me. My anxiety attacks are so frequent that they are taking over my whole life, I get pins and needles, I feel dizzy, nauseous, IBS symptoms and a racing heart beat. I feel like this is never going to end. My GP has tried me on so many different medications but none have worked. I have also been doing CBT therapy for the last few months but I dont feel like that is getting me anywhere either. My relationship is also failing and I haven't seen my long distance boyfriend in a year because I am too scared. I have no been prescribed pregabalin and i feel like this is a last resort. If this doesn't work then I am terrified of where I might end up.

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I’ve also been overwhelmed with anxiety. This is something new for me, but I feel as if I’m getting worse. I’m not sure what to do... I keep having bad headaches, dizziness, and depersonalization feelings. I’m also in a long distance relationship and have been for over 3 years. I don’t know if this contributes to my anxiety but if you’d like to talk, feel free to message me. I have never tried medications and am curious about the side effects

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It is honestly so overwhelming, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have only just joined so I am unsure on how to message but i'd be interested in your take on the relationship issue. Mines quite a strange one as we have actually only met once due to my anxiety but have been in a relationship for a year and a half, I don't know how much longer the relationship can survive though. Side effects are always what put me off medications as they make me panic more so i usually stop taking them earlier than i should but with this new one i am going to try my best to stick with the course

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The oharmastist told me that these meds have no side affects... she said if they take up to 6 weeks to work and get in our system then how do we have a side affect once we swallow it she said it’s not even I. Our system yet.. so basically she said we are causing the side affects in our head from our anxiety .

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which meds have no side affects? I agree with you there, i have a panic attack the minute i take any tablets so it's always difficult to distinguish between whats anxiety and what isnt

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Yes she says the panic attack is from your anxiety because you are anxious you took the med... it’s not the actual meds giving you the panic attack... she says they take long to get into your system there is no way you can feel side affects from them that fast.. did you take it is it belong?

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i have stuck with medications before but that was when my anxiety wasnt as severe as it is now, i havent actually been on medication in over a year so this new prescription will be difficult for me to take but i feel like i am running out of options so i know i need to give it a chance to work

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Why are you changing your meds?

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I was tried on a lot of anti depressants but they didn’t seem to work for me so I came off them completely about a year ago. I saw a psychiatrist recently who has said that anti depressants aren’t the best thing for me so have prescribed me with an anti anxiety one instead

Poor you x sorry to hear that you are not having a great time. I have had bad attacks and deep depressions over the years but always come out of it with making sure I get good sleep and love myself a bit each day. I have had to remove all of the stresses in my life and not have such high expectation of myself and others. I practiced meditation daily for a few months which really helped in fact it was a mindfulness course within a group. Meeting others helped me realise I am not alone. I have learnt to stop rushing around and take things slower. I am on medication which I think is helping fir the first time in approx 12 years. Are there any meds discussed on this forum that you haven't tried? I have been trying to learn to accept that I am not perfect and cannot expect a clean tidy house everyday and everyone in the house has different standards. I am learning that there is more to life and to laugh more with my kids and friends and family. Putting on your fave films and funny programmes helps also listening to music loud, dancing and singing even though I can't sing helps me relax and reduce tension. Hope this helps a little?

Hi, thank you so much for your message it is always nice to hear that I am not alone. I have tried some meditation and mindfulness techniques but I am actually a psychology student at university so i really struggle to see past the biology of anxiety which is probably a down fall in my recovery. The new medication i have been prescribed is Pregabalin 50mg twice a day and then to be upped to 100mg 2 twice a day, i havent started taking it yet as it takes alot for me to pluck up the courage but I have heard alot of good reviews. I will try what you have suggested though, thank you :)


Now is the time to try a different gp. Getting through tonight will feel hard but the morning will make it well worth it

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i've seen a lot of different GPs and was even referred to a psychiatrist with the NHS but because of their waiting times they just gave me a prescription and then discharged me back to the GP, i don't feel like I can get any decent help without paying for it which is impossible

I know how you feel! Anxiety is a pain in the butt but please know it does get better and I want you to see that it does! Pray about it 🙏🏼 meds take time to work, I used to get awful side effects but they are worth getting because in the end the medicine will even out to a point (well at least mine did) therapy will take time to remember You are not alone!

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Some days I feel positive like it could get better and then other days, like today I just feel like it is never ending. I am only 21 and I feel like it is stealing away so many important things from me. I am going to pick up my prescription tomorrow and force myself through any side effects as i have heard good reviews on the medication. thank you for your response :)

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Surround yourself with positivity go on Pinterest and look up some positive affirmations that’s what I do when i feel like things aren’t gonna get better!

Hi anxiouspea,

You are not alone! So many have these difficulties, and so many are headed towards or have found recovery. I hear you- SSRI's don't help, the cost of psychiatry and/or therapy is prohibitive, and you are tied up in knots. You are anxious about trying this new med, and you are guessing that many of the side effects you may have could simply be anxiety and not a true side effect. Your anxiety is forecasting, predicting, catastrophizing, ruminating, mulling, and churning over every little thing, and even things that have not even happened yet. No, you are definitely not alone. I've been there myself :) I suggest the following:

Your GP has checked you out thoroughly and recently, right? Your thyroid levels are fine, your blood count is fine, etc, correct? If not, do be sure to get a thorough medical workup for the symptoms you describe:)

Next, listen to the video (it's just audio) below ASAP. It will help nudge you towards the right track. Then, I recommend listening to it multiple times. I believe I listened to it 50 or more times when I needed it so desperately as I think you do right now. It is the voice and the teachings of the most well-known anxiety guru who ever lived. Dr. Weekes understood anxiety like no other. And she also understood recovery. The woman was brilliant, and she figured anxiety out completely.

Then, please do check out the other resources I list on my profile. They all teach recovery on the basis of Dr. weekes' work, but with their own style and some nice embellishments.

I assure you that you can recover. Here is Dr. Weekes' audio. Please do not be put off by the title, it isn't about spiritual enlightenment in the verbatim sense. It is about anxiety, panic, the ensuing depression, and what to do about it. Wishing you all the best!


Hello friend, I'm sorry that you've been struggling with anxiety to this extent. Have you tried prayer or spiritual guidance from a church or Christian ministry? I totally believe in God's power to deliver you. I am praying right now on your behalf. If you're interested, you may contact a Christian counselor for free in the link below. I hope that everything works out! bit.ly/2wbT8H7

Sorry to hear you're going this! I can't even imagine what it's putting you through. Do you know what's triggering your anxiety?

Hello Axiouspea,

I am wondering how many antidepressants you are on? Do you know that the antidepressants can cause more anxiety than help calm you down? I am also curious, do you try exercising and eating a balanced diet. Do you drink a lot of sugary drinks? Do you keep yourself involved in healthy activity such as: walking, biking, maybe go to a gym and swim or take a Pilate's class..? Do you like to read or sew? do you have any neighbors who might be in need of your help ( baking some cookies or a pot of soup?) Maybe there is a "Big Brother Big Sister program in your community. Do you like going to the library- they have book clubs you can get involved in. Maybe a local support group might be a good fit for you to get involved with. Do you like arts and crafts, maybe you can go to a night class in town at the local art/ craft store and learn a new skill. Maybe you like to bake- you could take a cooking class at the nearest community college and learn something new there...

Try to get yourself involved in life rather than medicating yourself up to the point that you cannot stand it anymore. ( I have been on all kinds of medications since I was a baby. I have only had two times in my entire life where I was medicine free for a week each time. I had to do some tests in the hospital. I felt so ALIVE and FREE! - I had never known that feeling of being med free until then. I only had wished that I could not have been wired up to the computers for those test. The sun was brilliant yellow with the sky so vividly blue and no clouds around. How I wished I could have gone outside and seen this beautiful creation called our world.) Take a look around you outside and find the beauty- the beautiful fall colors in the trees, the birds are now migrating- there are so many different variations of them flying south now. Have you ever watched the geese fly overhead? Sometimes I watch them fly over our place - by the 100's! It's crazy, how they know how to take turns rotating taking turns from leading the pack to working their way to the back and then up front again! - I love bird watching, my had gotten a pair of binoculars so I can sit outside and watch them fly. --------I hope this might give you some ideas! God Bless you!

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