Anxiety problems through the roof, meds don't help or counseling what else is there?

Ruined 10 yr relationship my kids are picking up on my hypochondriac ways and I don't really have someone to vent or be able to take an hr to do something for me like the doc says I should do. My biggest fascination is that I'm dying of some sort of aneurysm I've been to the hospital so many times the doctors have told me I have no risk factors for that. :( but it's still on my mind. It's very depressing.


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  • I understand so well how you feel,my life has been stolen by this evil type of anxiety!! I am at this time on vacation in FL and have 3 weeks before I can go home! I fight to stay sane and there is no med that helps, I just live in Fear that I will not be able to wait to get home, I know it is not this place it happens every where, but I just feel I want to give up!!!

  • Sorry to hear about this evil anxiety causing troubles on your trip. :( I also get this high sense of awareness just going to the store, and as soon as a walk out I get my anxiety attack ie shortness of breath, dizziness, and prickly sensation all on my back. And for you not being in a place far from home must be tough.

  • Health Anxiety is an awful condition. You are not the only one in fear of dying. It is one of the most devastating of all the anxiety conditions and I have suffered with this for about a year and a half. I have worried about dying from cancer, brain tumors, blood clots etc.... It is difficult with this condition to separate reality from perceived symptoms but it is about trying to get a perspective on the condition. Mine tends to ease up for a while when I am not in any pain but as soon as I get a pain or a strange sensation in my body it flares up and can sometimes last for weeks. I truly understand how you feel and I would suggest keep going for more therapy and also look into mindful meditation it has help reduce my anxiety and I am getting longer periods without feeling anxious about my health. I still have a long way to go but there are improvements. Good luck with yours, dont give into it keep trying to look for ways to improve, its not easy, but finding the right therapist can really help. I wish you all the best with it.

  • You're right on the dot with how my brain is taking the anxiety. I know it's anxiety what causing my symptoms but as anxiety goes I then think what if this is really happening and I'm brushing it off then it's the cycle all over again until I fall asleep at night and my pains and worries are gone in the morning. Then the next day a different pain or something then again I goe through my worries, meds and therapist don't help. Therapist, I feel like they are judging me so I close up.

  • Yes, I hear you...... The dreaded 'what if' just gets the damn anxiety going again. The trick is to turn it around and say - what if it is absolutely nothing - easier said than done I know. Just a mention on therapists, I doubt very much if they are judging you, most therapists go into to the profession because they want to help people, a lot of therapists have suffered in the past from various conditions too, well at least the really good ones have. A therapist will not judge you, it is more than likely your own worry about being judged, which is a normal worry to have when you go to see a therapist. My advice is to carry on and seek a new therapist, they can help, I have seen 2 therapists in the past who have helped a little but not much, I know see a third therapist who has helped in a few sessions more than the other two did put together. Dont give up on therapy it can really help if you find a good one. They wont judge you they have heard it all before so I think it is worth you giving it another try.... You have nothing to lose.

  • Dimitri, I am in search of a therapist myself... First time.. Why do you say it's not easy? Can you please advise on 'how to' and what are potential pitfalls?

  • Sorry to hear you have so many hellish symptoms 007 - but if you can get out, could you try Meditation? That is very helpful. In a more recent email (today) you mention your jaws and neck being painful, and that is deffo anxiety...Can you do breathing exercises and perhaps see a physio to show you how? A friend of mine was very much helped by a physio for his panic attacks and severe anxiety. Relax whenever you can, and listen to the radio to help get to sleep or focus your mind away from the stresses you are going through. Much of what you say sounds like post-traumatic stress syndrome - even if it was years ago - and if the therapists you have seen in the past helped EVEN IF JUST A LITTLE - ask your GP for another referral, as it sounds as if you are going through a terrible patch in your life right now... But hang in there and do stuff like sorting out papers, sewing, tidying up the room etc Good luck and take care ....M x

    ps Once I had everything you mention and realised it was because I had changed jobs, changed boyfriends, changed house all at the same time... Life is not stress free, but if you can possibly AVOID HUGE CHANGES - then try and space these out - if at all poss!!

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