Clicker training day one :-)

Well my clickers came as they said. Within half hour of doing it Bella had the clicker associated with doing good. I cooked some sausages to use which she loves. I've even got her going down then back into the sit position :-) wat a fast learner. She did already know sit but wudnt go from down to sit. Scooby he is older but I have got him associated with the clicker but am still on the sit with him. U can teach a older dog new tricks but takes abit longer. I've had fun as I've a passion for training dogs.

I've gotta fetch my 6mth old cat from the vets at 6. She's been in and got done as I can't have her having kittens. I'm looking forward to having my baby star back :-)

Hope ur all having a nice day, I'm hoping this anxious free day carrys on anxious free :-) my little boy started in the juniors today and he looked lost in the classroom this morning but was fine. He doesn't like change at all. My eldest is starting high school tomorrow as well xxx


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6 Replies

  • Hiya,

    I hope star is ok. if anything like mine she will milk it feeling all sorry for herself lol xxx

  • Shes a little bugger, keeps taking her coller off but don't want her pulling her stitches out xxx

  • Hi Donna, glad you are having fun with the dog clickers, once you have them trained you can enter them in to dog competitions :)



  • Hope Muffinchops reads about the clickers.

  • Hi donna i started the AD again sat night. Can you tel me if you had bad head. My head is bad with pain and vision seem to be effected now as in flat rather than blurred. Head not tension as none in neck or shoulders. ?



  • Hi bonnie, I had abit of everything wwithin the first mth of taking them. They won't be doing there job yet but anything like I was it will be ur anxiety its self. Because I had started taking them I felt worse but later on I realizes it was my anxiety xx

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