How are we all today? x

Hi all, How are we all today?

Its a pretty miserable day up here in the north nothing new lol. Raining non stop and the wind is getting up. So glad im in the house out the way:) Have,nt got much done in the house as my get up n go is playing hide and seek. Im not trying very hard to find it either:) Getting myself all comfy on the couch shopping for some new jamas on line and ready for x factor xx Hope we are all having a good night xx


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  • I will do ty x I could,nt have a onsie, it would be to cold stripping for loo in middle of night lol x

  • Ohh like a dressing gown type thing? maybe a good idea :)

  • The weather is crazy here in Wales, but I can't be bothered to go and get my onesie on! Can't concentrate on anything tonight. Fitting between FB, here and stuff for work. Be glad to get today over with to be honest!

  • Ohh Lucy sorry to hear your day has,nt been so good x Hopefully tomorrow will be better x I always have a few tabs open flitting about on here to fb to wherever lol x Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather to x

  • Hi Donver

    Hope you are having a good evening :-)

    I am a bit behind with the TV , playing catch up as usual !

    Just relaxing really

    Cough slightly better , but feel frustrated that I am not running about yet !

    Have no energy & so want to be doing again but no I have to try & get well first , hard work though for me as I like my routine !

    Hope you have managed to pick some nice new PJ'S :-/




  • Hi whywhy x yes ty my evening is good x I may have to rewind the tv a bit though as its hard to hear when the kids decide to come and pester me lol x We promised them a late night as its last before the return to school.

    Glad to here you are relaxing, its best thing for feeling run down letting the batteries recharge x Dont go running around yet, you know what happens when we are half charged, we fade faster :) Nice to hear the cough eased slightly to x

    Still fussing over jamas x I saw some nice ones but they said i was a moody cow lol x saying that the hubby bought me a nightie one saying saggy bear on it:/ lol xx

    Donna x

  • Well , I am for ever putting the TV on pause as I get disturbed , thats maybe another reason I am always behind :-D

    Now what to say about the PJ'S saying moody cow not sure to be honest :-D

    I hope the hubby explained why he got you a nightie that said saggy bear on it :-D


  • The hubby said it was because i was cute and cuddly which translates in his world as saggy lol x it was a cute little bear all stuffing pulled out n such he got it off market so was probs meant to say something else x

  • Oh bless him :-D


  • Hi Dover,

    Have had a quiet day am glad to say, been watching catch up TV and eating to much I reckon, some days I just feel hungry all the time, think it could be a bit of boredom as well tonight. Hope you having a relaxing night, I am off now popping down to the fridge to make a sandwich lol. Gardener

  • Hi Gardener x Oh you did make me chuckle there x it reminds me of me, when im bored i tend to fridge raid x I have just finished off a bag of marks n s milk gums x my weakness things like that x

    So glad you have had a good day x if all be it quiet, its nice to have quiet days x Enjoy your sarnie x Donna x

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