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Hi all hope we are well?? Well today I have a new problem x I have this sort a trembling feeling like a very slight shiver but deep inside, it can happen in my legs but i get in mainly in my right shoulder x the hubby thinks its maybe overuse of the computer me being right handed x or a trapped nerve but some say it happens it anxiety sufferers any idea xx


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  • I read it back to my hubby and he said daft sod a probs cold :/ men lol x

  • I have this Donna, internal tremble or like a vibrating, I have now, I told anxiety, I get palps with it aswell a lot. x



  • Yeah thats it Bonnie like a tremble as if you where resting against the washing machine x Its the first time i had ever noticed it but it seems to be when i get in a grouch i get it x or overtired and rundown x maybe shattered nerves lol x I get palps now and then they are calming slightly xx Donna x

  • im in the washing machine at the mo lol its funny I haven't had proper sleep for sometime, and I think it also as you say nerves, I have most days, on and off.



  • Im a sod for sleep Bonnie, I dont go to bed till midnight, usually getting to sleep by 1 and then im up by 8 latest x some nights up n down x I long for the day I wake and the anxiety had vanished lol x I know it can cos my mam had it for 9 years, and then she moved home and one day realised it just didn't bother her any more x

  • Hi Donna, I am awake till 4 in the morning, and keep waking up, until finally get up around 10, so I don't think the tiredness helps us, I feel like a zombie, It can go, just like that, it mainly feeds on fear, and our nerves, counsellor said mine are shot to bits, but will come right in the end. there was a lot happen before it hit me two years ago, she also said about meds, she said talking is better. I went to my dads today, and I felt rough, and had this vibrating going on, and all of a sudden, he started talking about my mum, and it just rolled out of me, I found myself telling him to stop, and left shortly after, saying sorry on my way out. I do feel terrible about it, going to try and go back next week to see him. And people letting off fireworks still is driving me mad, every time they go off, I jump, nerves again ay, I do hope you get better sleep tonight, I have diazepam here, but I wont take.



  • Oh dear Bonnie, im sure your dad will of understood, there are certain people with me I just cannot tolerate and feel like blowing my top at x As you say go back next week and try again x I have always had anxiety since I was small but its only bothered me in the last year to the degree i gave up and shut myself away xx My nerves are shot I jump at the slightest sounds and cannot tolerate loud noises x I wont take any meds I hate them x I think talking is doing me the world of good x so many things i have hidden that i can now rant about and it helps an enormous amount xx

  • My counsellor, has told me I am to right letters, one for my sister, one for the ex hubby, one for my younger daughter, and one for the hospital that my mum died in. She said hold nothing back, and write all you feel about those people and what they did or didn't do, anger disappointment and so on, as she said we keep to much in, and I had issues with the said people, ex hubby was violent, so he getting the best letter lol. I am not to post these letters when write, can keep or burn , or rip up, whichever. Telling you this, as may need to do it, or any others here they may wont to do it, she said it helps release :)

    and the fireworks are still going grrrrr



  • Where to start with me x :/ I have many a letter i have been told to write but i cannot find the words x My mother for letting me down again and again, step dad one for mental and physical abuse at a young age x step dad 2 for the same and letting his adult mates touch me in the wrong way at 14!! my nana and granda my safety for dying and leaving me x my ex who for ten years abused me in every way poss x thats some of the bad then my son num one x who left me and went to live with said arse of ex c son num 2 the guilt i need to say sorry to this one for running and hiding when he was dying ( see tears come easy here) he underwent a bone marrow and lives to tell the tale, my wonderful hubby who is ill very ill with chronic rheumatoid arthritis yet will give up his last to make me smile x and my 5 year old who has type one diabetes and is amazing xx i need a share in the paper factory xx but its a good idea xx

  • {{{{{{{{{{[[[[[[[Big gentle Hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Its what I have been told to do, and thought that maybe others may want to try it.

    Donna start a letter if you can, just pick one, you don't have to do all of it in one go, you can go back to it and add as you think, but put all you feel, the anger the disappointment the lot, then either keep or dispose of. And I would say when you have done the letters, do one for hubby, as that will be a different letter, he don't have to see it. I have been told to finish with one for my daughter Kelly, as she is my rock at the moment. when I slide off, she pulls me back on,



  • Aww thank you Bonnie, I will try x this is what my therapist tells me, to let go and move on in any way shape or form x so maybe by saying what i fear i can x Thanks for the hugs i never used to be a huggy person but i think a hug a day can beat anything x:) xx

  • :) x

  • Evening Donver,

    That's a big jump from your hubby, overuse of computer to cold.

    I use to get shaking in my legs real bad when I was anxious, but am glad to say have not had that in a while.

    how are you feeling in yourself at the moment?

    It could be tension you are holding in your shoulder. try keeping it warm with a hot water bottle that should help. Doctor gardener X

  • Hi Gardener x Yes he first said it was overuse then after i read it back he looked at me sat here wrapped in a jacket and said ur probs cold lol x Its more like a slight tremor than full on shake x it may be over tiredness I suppose i have,nt been sleeping to well x My arm has been aching like mad since i had the implant put in a few month back to regulate my hormones x But if I am not on the laptop im on the phone or the ipod on facebook so i am a sod for the overuse lol x I am low on vitamin uptake need some more supps but other than that all good:) xx Bit grouchy due to sleep thing but good x Ty doctor :) xxx lol x Donna

  • Yeah,the trembling from within is anxiety.

    Am suffering with it terrible a few months ago but then it eased off-and some other form of anxiety hits me in place of that.

    Health anxiety sucks.

    Actually,just talking about it now is making me feel it again lol - or not lol

    Hope I'm making sense. xx

  • Hi Baby x I have just noticed it but its awful x I hope it goes soon x I tend to find that I get something wrong with me explore it, try to figure it out and then it goes and its hello new symptom x Anxiety defo sucks for sure x Dont worr you made sense xx Donna

  • Aah,am glad I made sense.


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