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time to go x

hi all hope all are well x im popping on to say I am off for a while, not deleting just yet but may do in near future as this site has gone downhill and there are some taking over and some causing trouble and its to much friction for my anxieties to handle x im up and getting better i do not intend to fall down againxx Hope you all understand I dont want to leave as i have found this site so good for its help and advice but no matter what we try there is always someone waiting to twist the knife xx

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we'll miss you, but hopefully you'll feel you want to come back soon.


ty sandra xx Anything is possible lol xx :)


Hey donver you do what's best for you, don't let others get you down best of luck whatever you do :)

Mimii xx


ty Mimii x As i say i may be back lol but for now its just added stress x :)


Hi Donna,

At least read my post first? :)


wanderingwallflower xx


Sorry to see you go but you need to do what's right for you especially if your on the way up

it'd hard enough stuggling with anxiety without coping with malicus comments.

Best wishes


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