How are we all today?? x Have we done anything nice, that we are proud of etc?? xx

HI all, hope we are all well, in the interest of returning the site to its former glory I have come on to ask what we are all up to ?? Have we been anywhere or done something we are very proud of?? x Please share if you want x ignore if you dont lol x No pressure :) xx

Today I have cleaned out some cupboards ready for xmas supplies:) and I am proud as I have received a good school report for my 5 year old xx

Donver xx


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  • Afternoon Donna , went to work this morning some of the kids were dressed in onesies for children in need day were happy and smiling, I put some money in the firemen's collecting bucket for Pudsey ! Also been to Gregg's for sausage rolls :D and took car to garage booked in for service as they can't find anything wrong with it, back to work soon so busy day but sunny and smiley so far :)

    Mimii xx

  • Ah busy indeed x I did laugh at the sausage rolls bit lol x I can recall convos regarding you, why and these rolls :) Ah the kids looked great today where I live all dressed up x Ohh firemen to what a day:) xx Brill news on the car xx :) xx Donna x

  • What I should be doing is clearing out cupboards like you :D well done for that and lovely news about your sons report :) xx

  • Aw thank you mimii x sound like you have enough to do without worrying about cupboards xx :)

  • Hi Donver,

    I've just had a clear out.... All cupboards are clean and tidy:) I went one further.... I cleaned the oven!!! Mad or what:))

    Hope your having a good day:) x

  • Wow oven cleaning x i hate that job lol x You have been busy x :) Im having a good day yes ty x

  • how bizarre, i too cleaned out cupboards, not for xmas presents though, im a bit of a scrooge where xmas is concerned. annndddd i also thought about cleaning the oven but as far as i got was buying a pack of oven cleaner from wilkos last sunday, i imagine i will look at it for a few weeks and then tackle it when the mood strikes me or not which is much more the case where tidying and cleaning is concerned! x

  • Lol x well who would of though cleaning could be catching x :) I would look at it forever or if i could buy a new cooker lol x i hate it with a passion oven cleaning x

  • I am tired but feeling better today than I have in months :D

  • Aw x im so glad you are feeling better sandra x onward n upward x

  • Evening Donver,

    You been busy then getting ready for Christmas.

    I have signed up for the local allotment it's run by a charity and I am going to do a City and Giulds in gardening with it as well, got to go on Monday for induction, so am pleased with that I love to be outside.

    Got a stinking cold at the moment, but am having a relaxing weekend and be ready for Monday.

    Gardener x

  • Oh good on you gardener x Its nice to do something we love x and when you are qualified who knows what you could do:) x the cold part is a bit naff x but hope u feel better soon x im planning xmas in January me :) x

  • feeling ok today but not really got out of jammas. Done a bit of washing but been washing drama series GBH on catch up. Really like Alan Bleasdale. Thank you about reminding about xmas presents need to move before son comes home from uni for the weekend. He has his big present a freezer don't ask but I like to get quite a few little ones like a chocolate orange. pressies are at top of stairs at the moment. Ok re partner as he wont rummage but cant guarentee with son. son comin home for friends 60th birthday party they have known him since he was born. partners even giving up a day at music festival so that shows how special they are to our family

    To change the subject competly does anyone know anything about saxophones as want to get other half one for xmas? He's been brill this year and want to get something special and a bit different.


  • HI mystery x Yes move the pressies no spoiling the big day x Sorry with musical instruments i know nothing x The shops that sell them would be able to tell you all you need to know to find the right one though xx

  • My period is due tomorrow, I always get more anxious and feel manic before it comes. Anyone else?

  • Hi agora, i used to get this but i now have the implant to balance my hormones and i feel great x

  • I have had a good day today thank you donver - in fact I've had a good week...pleasantly surprising given, like agora, I'm due on...rolling on to a good weekend - happy weekend everyone :)


  • Oh good good Lady x its nice to hear people having good weeks x

  • I gave the paper deliverer a lift last week as his car had run out of petrol and he was late for work...... have been getting free papers delivered ever since. Haha.

  • I actually changed my bedding! It was overdue. Had bunged them in my washer but didn't take them to launderette to dry for ages. Then today just bunged them in bag and took them to dry. Very proud of myself for that! Doesn't sound much but it was a lot for me.

    Bev x

  • Hi there! its funny you should say that, I have been really stuggling with doing things, I was quite pleased with myself, I managed to change bed and done the dishes, dosen,t sound alot but I was pleased.. still got to wash it,hoping today or tomorrow. Seems so silly, somethink so easy!! Xx

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