Evening all x

Hi all x How are we all? Hope we have all had a good day x

Ive had a ok day x Been keeping busy doing the housework x Joys of motherhood lol. Had a few moments as we shall call them x feeling bit run down, tired and drained but picked myself up and carried on x Im trying to maintain normal days , as normal as they can be without leaving my home x I did have a brief moment of feeling as if I may want to go out today x but unfortunately I wasn't brave enough just yet to go it alone and the hubby was out x Silly excuse I know but living in the middle of a busy estate Im not feeling the love from around lol x

Donver xx


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14 Replies

  • You did good!! Keeping busy does help so much. I'm the same get up all the best intentions in the world but half through feel exhausted and like I'm drained then the plans fall to the wayside! But you did well

  • Ty Missy x It did help keep my mind busy :) I went the same way, halfway through had to pause as I felt lightheaded etc but I sat down had a glass of water and carried on x Thank you :) xx

  • I was exact same last week I started into my kitchen got two cupboards done and wS so exhausted and felt lightheaded I went and lay on sofa all day!! Kitchen then got done on Friday !

  • Aww Missy x its awful this anxiety malarky isn't it x Two was good and you finished the job x:) always a good thing lol x

  • To be honest I am a neat freak as well bit of OCD I like my house to be spotless but when I'm like this I couldn't careless but always big intentions. So this Thursday as part of my Help Myself Plan the house is getting cleaned top to bottom :)

  • good on you xx And heres to thursday clean xx

  • Hi Donver, its good that you had feelings of wanting to go out don't be hard on yourself. Its good that you have been doing the housework, I find keeping busy helps. I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to do any chores at the moment x

  • Hi Jules x I was in the right frame of mind x but I know this will return when the time is right x I have been pretty much housebound for a year , a few more weeks ain't gonna hurt :)

    I love doing housework makes me feel useful x I do tend to overclean if you saw my kitchen cupboard you would think im mad I hoard dettol, love the stuff x I was the same a few month back, totally unmotivated couldn't even get out of bed x But then I forced myself to do it and now it comes on its own accord x

    I hope you can motivate soon if not just chill your time will come :) x

  • Hello :-)

    I know what you mean, great you kept going, I try feel normal doing fun inside and chores and going in the garden, be proud you kept going, keeping busy really helps.

    Last week I struggled to go out, I live in a busy area, only when the kids are home from school they all seem to play right outside our house on the green, makes me very anxious and I don't like going out, don't pressure yourself, the time will come and you'll know your ready to go for it, first is thinking about it so your doing great :-) xxxxx

  • Ty Michelle x I am determination on my side at the mo so Im going to keep trying x I love doing all the normal stuff x It really is a big help keeping my mind busy and I get all the stuff done Id put off for ages :) x I to live in a busy area with lots of kids and it dont help thats there is a cafe, shop and fish shop literally 3 doors away from me x the kids hang around there all day x I hate going out when people are watching x I've made the mistake in the past of feeling pressured t go out, this time i'm doing it as and when I'm ready xx Thank you xxx Donver x

  • Thinking about going out is appositive way forward. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better today and just had a few moments.

    Well done and I hope you are happy with your tidying expertise xxxx

  • Thank you Winter x I feel more positive x think the neighbour moving has been the load off I needed lol x I'm expecting the blips I know they will come x

    I'm always happy with a good tidy round, the mess 3 boys and a man can make is ....well its just wow. Not to mention the missing of the toilet bowl that keeps me constantly busy with me dettol lol x

  • hi donver, so proud of you, you don't let this anxiety get you down, keeping your mind occupied with work is a good thing , the time will be right one day when you take that big step and only you will know when that is. take care.xxx

  • Ty newton x Hopefully that day will be soon:) x

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