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Back again... Def not good :(

Hey everyone, haven't been on in a few weeks things picked up and life was "normal". Yet again the aniexty and desperation has returned. It seems to come in a cycle same time each month. Started in Thursday I was exhausted, feeling low just cudnt b bothered. Yesterday was no better I lay about most of the day I had a swore chest (yes I thought I was having a heart attack). Today has been a nightmare got up and lay about even though I knew I had lots to do. Finally I got myself and kids sorted headed out I just was in a panic whole time snapping at kids and rushing round. Then to top it off my son dropped my only house key down the side of the seat in the ca/handbrake couldn't get it out at all so I blew up I totally lost it at him. Finally I got it out from being stuck after about 1hr working at it. I'm home now in the bathed,pj,s but I actually cud sit here and cry. I feel so low I feel like such a bad mother I was so hard on my son but I just was do stressed everyone seems to take the blame for everything especially my children when I'm like this. Please don't judge that I'm a bad but I'm always stressed to the hilt x

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Don't be too hard on yourself. I over react when I'm panicking. It makes us get angry sometimes with people we love


As the past while all I am is stressed and angry. Other years I loved Halloween house decorated, kids costumes the works this year nothing not even a pumpkin I just can't be bothered. My going on affect everyone and not in a good way.



You are not on here to be judged , you are on here because you have anxiety & sometimes & I bet most of us that have had kids have snapped at them through feeling stressed , well I no I have !

When mine were young once I had calmed down , I would always go & give them a cuddle &when they were not quite old enough to understand I would say something like you have had a grumpy mummy today & she was naughty & snapped at you but just want to tell you I am sorry & how much I love you , followed my kisses & hugs & thats all they need to hear & you feel better to :-)

As mine are grown up now , I just say your Mum is on one , ignore me :-/

Your HA do you feel this has got worse since having your children , I no mine did

I was so over the moon at having such lovely kids that I thought something would happen & it did I started having HA !

You say you feel this is worse once every month , do you think it could be hormone related , I no hormones do escalate our anxiety , keep a check on it & see if there is a pattern , there are things you can take & your GP could help with suggesting what they may feel is best for you or you could try Primrose that you can get from Boots or most places , I have heard women have found that very good

Maybe asking your GP for some counselling might help even if you have had some already

Keep talking on here & you will get through this , you have had some good weeks & months & they will get more :-)





Thank you , everything you said is correct. Mine started after my 2nd baby and it all started with fearing I as going to die and who would look after them it has just gotten worse health aniexty wise. I know it is my hormones as it is the exact same time every month so I will give primrose oil a go to see. It's just an awful way to live I've changed so much I used to b so easy going and fun now I'm stressed, don't get on with many people and never go out much only when I have too xx


I know I've snapped at the kids when they were little, remember when my eldest was 3 Id told her off then felt guilty and said Im an old grump aren't I , she said your not an old grump your a new grump :D

Mimii xx


Hi Missy x I can totally hear where your coming from here x i have 3 kids, oldest left to be with dad, middle one was very ill and smallest type one diabetic x so when my hubby got ill I panicked and thought bugger what if something happens to me x and then off it went x I to suffered at the same time every month, and was sure it was hormone related. And i became the ( gruffalo) its what my kids call me at my most stressed and shouted and screamed at them, they understood as i made a game of it afterwards and let them rant at me x I had the contraceptive implant put in in august to try to help with the hormones, and touch wood its working x im not as grumpy, I can still be very tearful and sob like a baby, but that's more when im stressed and feeling guilty x I had my hormone levels checked the other day and they are now all normal, and for the first time I feel a little normal to x and for someone who has had anaemia all her adult life , as i have no periods now that's gone x x Maybe have your hormone levels checked it may be worth it xx


Thank you xx I've had lots of tests done lately all fine but I have started the pill again I was having terrible bother when I ovulate (I swell up inside this presses on the bowel,bladder etc snd causes horrific pain at this time) so she suggested the pill to help so that might. Kids do put you under presume there's Always a drama and it just never stops.


Kids are stress, simple as lol x but we wouldn't be without them x

Sounds painful what you have, i am not surprised you feel anxious at the same time every month you must be dreading that pain x i Hope the pill works for you x x


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