Anxiety is back...again

Hey everyone! It's been 9 whole months since my last post sharing my struggles with last bout with anxiety. And life has been pretty okay to be fair, but exactly a fortnight ago my anxiety kicked up a god damn storm in my life, again!! My nose has been buried in a self help book nearly every day and and been meditating like it's going out of fashion. I'll be honest, it has lessened my symptoms slightly (derealization, impeding doom, hypochondria, agoraphobia) but it's runing my life, it really is. I'm loosing patience with myself, I'm angry, stressed out and beyond paranoid that there's something really, really wrong with me. I feel so spaced out and tired all the time. I just came here to rant and offload. Love and lightness to all of you!


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  • Hey there! I'm sorry you're going through this. I know anxiety sucks and it's hard. But you need to not let it over take you. It's easier said than done. Honestly , I would take three slow deep breaths and let them out slowly too. Tell yourself it's going to be OK. The mind is very tricky, and it is a big tool. Whatever is stressing you out, don't let it. You got this. Trust in yourself. Take a jog, do some squats, or something that will relieve some anxiety. Unfortunately anxiety is part of life but that's the beauty of it because in reality we are all OK. Don't overwork because that will spark anxiety even more. So just breath, everything is OK!:)

  • Thank you for your kind words xx

  • Accept that your anxiety has returned and try and learn from your experience. What do you think has triggered it off this time? I think anxiety will pop back now and again depending on what is going on in your life and how you are coping. It sounds like you are doing all the right things but try not to get frustrated with yourself this won't help your relaxation. Have you tried Epsom salt baths or aromatherapy oils? X

  • thats me right now =( I went to therapy, beat this thing to the ground - I even forgot what anxiety felt like for 3 whole years. It was amazing to see how my efforts were making it disappear.

    then it came back even worse in the end of 2015 and has been here til now. it was so discouraging because I did so much work to get it gone however I did take advantage of the practice because I swore I would never have one ever again I was so not scared of anxiety. But we just need to really practice again, go back to therapy and go it again, it gets less and less as it happens to you but you need therapy and the right tools.

  • Mindfulness4, That's the key in that you are no longer scared of anxiety. You brush yourself off, do what you have to in order to get back on track and keep going forward.

    Anxiety will never beat me down again. That's a promise I made myself a long time ago. Continued success. x

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