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Hi everyone my name is paul and I've been dealing with panic attacks for 10 Years and I finally figured out instead of fighting the panic I've learned to embrace it I know it sounds weird but it takes a lot more energy to fight it other than to accept it, I learned to incorporate it into my being I know that it's my brain playing a mean trick on me and once you accept that it's a trick you take away any power that the panic attack has, don't get me wrong I have bad days also but I take that negative feeling and tell it you can't and never will win because if it isn't real that means you can't hurt me because the true meaning of a panic attack is being afraid of something that really isn't there, a panic attack is like the boogie man that hid under your bed, do you remember what it took for you not to believe in the boogie man? It was just looking under the bed and realize there was nothing there


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  • hi paul, i think you are dead right with that, it will take time to get that positivity to do this, but you are right , thanks for sharing, jasper xx

  • Thank you for this Paul! I took a screenshot of it lol!! Btw...this may sound random but I'm guessing your last name is Kidd by seeing your screen name? I live in the States but my family is from England and we also have family in Australia. The last name is Kidd. It wouldn't surprise me if we are related haha. Yes, random, I know lol.

  • Lol my last name isn't kidd it's a name that I used when I played video games back in the 80s so I just stuck with it and I live in Chicago

  • Ohhhh ok hahaha!! I know that most people on here are from the UK and my UK family all have the last name "Kidd" lol! I had to ask though...you never know! :)

  • So we're do you live?

  • I live in North Alabama...Decatur. It's 15 min outside of Huntsville.

  • Well nice to meet u sucks u don't live closer lol

  • Nice to meet you too! Lol. Yeah, well, Chicago is significantly closer than England lol! I think Chicago is just a few hour drive from here--5-6 hour at most. It's pretty cool to come across someone that's kinda close lol.

  • Very true, I'm glad you liked what I wrote

  • Thank you for writing it. I fear being sick because it stems from being sick a lot as a child. I just got over a cold that triggered my health anxiety even more because it reminded me of all the times I had bronchitis in my younger years and then I began to worry that my intense anxiety brought it on. I got misdiagnosed with walking pneumonia by an urgent care doctor and spent two weeks taking an antibiotic I didn't need lol...which gave me mouth thrush. :( So this really challenged my health fears--then I finally got in to see MY doctor and he told me I never had it--just a cold. My point in saying all of this? Your post just helped being me back to truth. To just relax.

  • Sometimes it takes thinking like a kid to relax because that was a time when we didn't know the definition of stress and nothing mattered to us other than playing and sleeping lol

  • That's so true!! I've thought that just yesterday. Kids are innocent and don't know all the troubles of the world.

  • I also believe that we all have that little kid inside of us and sometimes when I get sad it's not me getting sad it's that inner child just crying out and reminding me not to forget that's he still there, I know it sounds weird but I believe that when we have panic attacks it's really that inner child just being scared

  • Ive always been a child at heart and I wanted to stay a child forever haha! My parents literally had to push me to grow up lol. That's not weird at all! A good way to look at it!

  • really enjoyed this read, and you are so right....we may all just be longing for the days when things were so easy and it was mom or dad or someone else to chase away our worries

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