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Hi all,

I started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks about a month ago (I woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack and I thought I was dying!!) and ever since then I've experienced it daily! Its the most awful thing and I'm finding it really hard to cope.

I've been to the doctors about 5 times since and they've prescribed beta blockers, which I took for 3 days and they made my panic attacks worse so I stopped taking them. Also Citalopram which I'm scared to take as side effects can be panic attacks!

I've been on and off work as had a huge attack in work last week and ever since then I've been so scared I'm going to have another one. I really can't put my finger on what has caused the anxiety and want CBT as I think this is what will really help me. I've asked my doc to refer me to a Psychiatrist as I have privare healthcare through my work. Has anyone else found it helpful?

I've been so teary and tired as I'm usually a really outgoing person. Now I find it hard to go out, especially socialising and going into shops sends me in to panic! I have panic attacks in the night and wake up covered in sweat with a feeling of dread, its just awful.

Another thing that really makes me scared is my vision goes really blurry and its worse at night. I find it really hard to concentrate. Does anyone else get these symptoms?

I really need some help and advice from other sufferers :)

Tasha xxx

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Hi Tasha and welcome. This is a good place to get support and advise.

I'm fairly new to anxiety mine started in about February/March this year. Really glad I found this site as it has been a massive help. I'm currently going to CBT and although I was a bit sceptical about it at first I feel as though it is helping.

Sorry to hear your having synch a tough time at the moment with work and socialising. Although I'm not that comfortable with socialising myself I find being around friends is a great distraction from what's usually going on in my head.

Sorry I can't give more advise, but I like many others here will offer what support I can.

Hope you manage to enjoy your weekend :)


Thanks Willrich, its so great to feel I'm not alone in this!!! My mum is coming to stay this weekend so I'm really happy about that and I can just relax and do some knitting with her to take my mind off it :)

I'm hoping there's light at the end of the tunnel for me, I'm usually such a strong person so its hard for me to deal with a lot of the time.

Hope you have a fab weekend too and good luck with your CBT, keep me posted about how its going :)


Your welcome. I felt exactly the same when I joined here and it was such a relief to find out that I'm wasn't the only one.

I'm sure there is a light may be a little dim, but it's there. I've struggled a lot this past 6 months, but its made me realise I'm stronger than I thought. I'm sure you'll come to see this about yourself to.

Keep blogging :)


Hi welcome to the site. Yes i used to get blurred vision and distorted vision. And it went. However is bk now. Following starting a AD . That i have now stopped.Also do cry and loads of fatigue. Always feel tied. To ignore the vision bit i have taken to wearing sun glasses on and off in doors. My grandson is here and has asked why i have them on indoors. I said i have migraine. Which is true i must admit. So your not alone. Keep posting on here people here are very kind and supportive and wil give advice. I just got some on combating fatigue. Also its good that you have spoken to doc. Go back if your not happy discuss your concerns with the meds.




Phew! I thought it was just me and was very scared, its the one thing that sends me over the edge I think! I always get more anxious about my vision and that brings on the attacks. I keep thinking its my brain and not the anxiety and will cause permanent damage! I know its extreme thinking but it worries me so much!

I usually wear my sunnies outside all the time even when its cloudy, but I might start wearing them in the house now!

Thanks so much for your post Bonnie :) x


Hi Tasha

I started my anxiety journey in February and just out of nowhere I started having a panic attacks.

I've been going to CBT since February and it has helped me deal with how I feel although my has turned more into health anxiety and I don't get panic attacks so much. I will say I was like you I stopped going to work going out with friends and my lift was suffering, the advise I can say is please don't stop doing anything, getting back to my normal life has been key in helping me get to where I am now. Also this site has been a saviour.



Thank you Ashley, I am trying to continue to live a normal life as I can. I have come into work today to see how it goes, luckily I am on my own as I have nearly had about 3 attacks today. I luckily know how to prevent them from escalating a bit more now. Its upsetting though.

I really need to make plans to meet up with friends etc as when I speak to them on the phone they always cheer me up! My husband is also really understanding and helps to make me feel safe :)

I really hope you start to feel the benefits of CBT. I'm hoping it will work for me xxxx


Hi & Welcome

Sorry you are suffering with anxiety but hopefully you will now no you are not alone

Wow , 5 times to see the GP in a month , averaging once a week , I thought it was only me that used to go that often , which believe me you do calm down , in fact I dont like going much at all now , I have gone the opposite over the years

Pleased your Mum will be staying over the weekend , & its been along time since I have heard someone knitting , I no my Mum used to knit & she was very good , I never took much notice & now I wish I had , I can just about to manage to cast on & then after that I just drop stithes & end up with something that looks like a dish cloth , but I do remember watching my Mum & she did used to look so relaxed when she was knitting , I hope you enjoy your weekend & keep posting for support :)





Honestly Whywhy I don't know what i would have done without my knitting, it really helps to relax me and take my mind off my tenseness and anxiety, most of the time anyway!

I'm so glad I signed up on here, as its really important for me to get some help and advice from people who've been there and to know its not all in my head and I can do something about it :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx


Hi and just to add to others' excellent advice, I read, watch telly however cr@p or best if all, write stories when the real heart attack/asthma attack/whatever it is this time symptoms strike. I do not get attacks when I am busy or happy so try to keep busy when it does happen. Not great at three am and obviously watching telly or looking at stuff in my phone like now is even more tiring, but I'd rather be shattered than sitting there worrying about dying.

So I say, keep up the good work with those knitting needles. You are definitely not alone.



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