Can't believe it

I really thought I'd made a bit of progress this week, had my heart monitor on Monday into Tuesday and I felt possibly the calmest I have in months whilst I had it on. Which has possibly lasted most of the week, haven't really noticed much panic or palps, thought maybe this is what I needed, well last night just before I was falling asleep I started to feel like I was about to have a panic felt like the exact feeling I got in February just before I had my first panic attack, I tried to ignore it as best as I could and did eventually fall asleep but now I've just woke up with my heart fluttering and I feel in a total panic....I'm just lying here in the dark hoping that I will start to feel better, so far it's been 15 minutes and I'm utterly convinced something is seriously wrong with me.

It's so hard trying to tell myself it's just mind has ran away with itself.




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  • Yes, that's panic attacks. talk to yourself tell yourself everything will be fine, and think of good thoughts and pray. try to stay calm it will pass, I was so scared when this first happen to me I thought I was going to die, but I am here and I learned to talk and relax and think good thoughts.

  • I've spoke to myself...told myself everything is okay but I'm still the same. Thanks for taking he time to's lonely as hell when you feel like this and no one is up yet to talk too. Typing away on here does make my mind think about other stuff. :-)

  • You will get better, and I know its scary, everyone thought I was crazy when this started, your not alone. just tell yourself over and over its panic attacks, they come from something that happened in your life, I lost my mother in 1994, my first child a month after and in 1996 my second child was born still and now in 2007 my dad died, don't give up, when I started college that helped a lot. God is my rock. There is a purpose for us all, and I know yours is more than a panic attack or dying in bed. Fight back, Take your life back thats what I want more than anything is to be me again. Your in my prayers. Just don't give up, sometimes when I get scared I take a picture of someone special with me to bed or maybe a cross. something special. your going to be fine I know.

  • You know I'm not religious in the slightest but I must admit your words did comfort me somewhat and I do appreciate that x

  • Morning Ashley :-)

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now :-)

    Sorry you felt so bad this morning :-(

    It could be when you had the monitor on it made you feel safe & now after you have had it taken of your anxiety is creeping back up again , in fact I bet that is whats happening

    Sometimes we can feel calm , but when we have been worked up previously the ahdrenalin that goes round our bodies takes ages to settle back down & then we get these feelings & wonder why , but thats usually why

    I no its easy for me to say , but I no nothing is going to happen to you & once you get these results & they say that famous heart of yours is OK (which it will be ) you will be able to start working on telling this anxiety where to get of !




  • Hey whywhy.

    Yeah I feel better now I'm up and about at work. I was severely panicky this morning. Hate being alone in bed, even if I know someone's there it makes me feel better automatically.

    Funnily enough I'm just a few days away from the dreaded time of the month so I'm wondering if that's anything to do with it? Hopefully it is and I can blame it on that lol.

    :-) xxxxxx

  • Oh glad you are feeling better :-)

    Well could be you did get worse last time , it is something you should watch if there is a pattern happening here , could well be the answer

    I am with migraine for the second day & convinced is BT , so I am as bad as you today , even though its a different health anxiety , so I no how you are feeling :-/


  • Hey Ashley so sorry you're feeling this way this morning. I hope you're feeling a bit better now. Don't tell her I told you :-p but I think whwhy is right the monitor gave you that little bit of security and what with other things going on you're just having a bad day. You'll be fine sweets and there is nowt wrong with ya ticker.

    Big hugs mwaah

  • Heard that Willy Boy , talking about me hey :-/

    We agreed I am always right except when I am wrong didnt we :D


  • Haha maybe you're right

  • You must all be getting so sick of me going on about this heart hahahaha :-xxxx

  • Morning Ashley.... it is a horrible lonely feeling when that happens...... weve all been through it on here, so you know youre not alone!! And were all still here and you will be too!!

    You have a lot to cope with, break ups are the worst, but you will get better

    Love AND Hugs xxx

  • Hi Anne.

    I almost got up and got in beside my mum lol, but I thought nooooo I'm 27 get a grip lol.

    Just hope I'm not going back the way...almost feels like 2 steps forward and a million back lol


  • Yeah it can make you feel that scared though cant it?? I nearly got in next to my brother I felt so bad, and that really is not good!!

    Getting over someone is a rollercoaster, give yourself some time, and don't be hard on yourself.. use the winter to get to know yourself, then come spring when the birds start tweeting, you'll be a gorgeous, new , confident person who knows what they want and what they don't want, and you can go grap the world.............

    Lots of Love xxx

  • Hey Ashley, I know how u feel today I have this weird sensation at the back of my throat and it feels like my pulse it's so annoying as it keeps making me want to burp! I have to tel myself it's anxiety and nothing more as I will be on that one way road to panic stations. Have u ever had this? It is amazing it settles down and u carry on :-) that's when I think why can't it just go a way and leave me alone! Xx

  • Hey you.

    Yes I have had this before, Gaviscon usually does the trick. Think anxiety plays silly things with my digestion lol.


  • Yes it can do that I know it's just I get that and I also get like pulsing in my stomach and it will ease off but again I then think oooh what if it's an annurysum lol god Iam obsessed. How's ur day going? Xxx

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