Getting annoyed !!!

Getting fed up with this now. One month I'm gd the next I'm up and down ! Had my results from hart monitor witch were all gd thank god :-). But since Saturday not felt great ! Had light head felt dizzy , and still getting fast hart beat and the odd big thud !!! I always catching my breath or breathing fast and shallow I'm constantly tence witch in its self is doing my head in !!! I'm telling my self its fine its just anxiety !!! Easyer said then done eh ! X


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  • Hi Stacey I know how u feel. 4 months ago I felt like my heart stopped and started again. This made me panic and spin my anxiety out of control. I went to my doctor as my mum has heart disease and suffered an attack several years ago. I have had 15 ecgs, the 5 day monitor and an ultrasound of my heart and to top it off I have seen a cardiologist. It made me worse when they kept saying their is this little change on my ECG I seen this as a massive issue but infact as my cholestrol, blood pressure and I don't smoke or drink I have no risk factor of heart disease so my ECG is normal for me. However I still have fast heart rate, weird feelings in my chest, pain in my left arm, palpitations, pulsing in my stomach and odd pulsing we station in my throat. Iam told this is all health anxiety but it's a struggle like u say I get all these physical symptoms and it makes me worry. I started getting the dizziness a few weeks ago which came from no where. Key thing is keep going iam although some days it get so annoyed by it all. Hope u feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks for your reply its not gd is it !!! I'm of to sleep now hope u have agd day tomoz :-) x

  • I am just the Same. Went to see the consultant and everything was ok. Fine for a couple of days and then the doubts kick in. What if he's missed something what if I didn't tell him everything. This is typical of health anxiety. Reassurance doesn't work. Until you I change the way we think and approach life it will continue. Unfortunately drugs and doctors can only do so much, the rest is up to us. I have had this for over 30 years. There is normally a trigger in life that kicks this off and we need to find this trigger and address it. It is an uphill struggle but hopefully one day we wll reach the summit. I am probably totally wrong in my views but you are not alone. I think the Internet has a lot too contribute towards this it is called cyberchondria. Take care

  • I've got the same symptoms as this so I think I'm dying I.e or got a bad illness so I make myself worse its horrible feeling like this I really feel for you

  • I'm a lot better then wot I was this time last year !!! I would say I'm 3 quarters better...its just that quarter left to go :-) lol I mostly know its anxiety but then I think is it tho !!!!!! It don't help wen. I get new different things going on ! Hope everyone is gd today x

  • Ok I felt dizzy now for about 20 months I also get the wobbles in the tummy ann heart thing now we all know it's only Anxioty that's it I've been reading a book called anxioty no more you can get it as an app think it might help you accept what's going on xx

  • The book is fantastic by the way the app is brill cost me a tener

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