Just had a terrible panic attack

Just had a terible panic attack I think .iwas driving in a snow storm heading home weird feeling overcame me to get home fast I had chest discomfort lump in throat hart rate was 100 bpm felt like I couldent swallow made it home once I got out of truck started to settle down went in the house droppet my paperwork and went put and shoveled my walkway was this a heart attack..


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  • Hi there ,I hope you have finally relaxed and feeling calm we and managed to do some deep breathing , these panic attacks get us when we need to stay focused ,especially considering the drive home with the weather ,glad to know you got back safe &;well . Take it easy binkynoo:-)

  • Yes I have finaly settled wow these attacks are terrible It felt like I was having a heart attack ....I did have a tea this am and 4 cups of coffee and nothing eat could that have set it off the chest discomfort was terrible then the lump in my throat man .I had two bad ones now I get lot of little mild ones but usually get under control this one I had no control...any tips

  • No just anxiety

  • U had the fear of something happening even though their a 1 in a million chance it wouldnt happen

  • You ask, ' was this a heart attack ' you got out of the car and cleaned your walkway '.......

  • The caffeine doesn't help. It was definitely panic and anxiety. Fight or flight. Fear of the unknown. Think most of us on here have had similar experiences

  • My dad has had 2 major heart attacks and out of interest I asked him what it felt like, his response was "You cannot function, talk or think of anything else in the slightest as the pain is so bad and you know for certain you are going to die if you do not get help". Heart attacks are pretty much unmistakable and you did not have one, it was purely anxiety. However, sometimes people can have very minor heart attacks, these show up on ECG after the event.

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