Feeling better just feeling my pulse

Hey wassup guys so i been feeling better not completely 100 percent but im getting there i went out yesterday with a friend to the barbershop and seeing a couple of store even doe i felt nervous and felt my head wierd and feeling like my heart was trying to pump hard and fast on me but i was was fighting breathing in out trying to control my self even doe its really hard for me espically when the barber told come on your next soon as i sat down i felt my hesrt racing a little bit fast and feeling like i was holding my breath but i won and was focusing on talking to my friend and trying to not pay no mind to it but trust me guys its a crazy feeling espically if you havent been out alot everything seems strange and unresl more like dream like but im feeling better then before so and so but today for soem reason i sneezed and i could feel my pulse on my foot and behind my leg for some reason it was wierd sometimes it comes and goes .


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  • Hi Johnnie. Well done everyday goes by where we must push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Our brain works on defence mood until we retrain our thoughts. Again well done nice to read positives.

  • yeah trying because im tierd of feeling like this for 4 months trying to push my self and fight this even when its strong to do but ill get through it some way some how even doe i do have have meds but i havent try any yet because i dont like those type of pills

  • I am on medication but also doing therapy sessions once a week. I go out regular to crowed places to push my thoughts.

  • oh for real for some reason the only thing thats getting to me its when i go in the train my heart starts going really fast my back get tense and i start to move it so i can relax because i feel like im going to pass out idk why doe its like i cant go in the traina ymore i shortness of breath and heart going im arrythmia fast and little dizzy but then it goes away like its wierd

  • Same !!! I just have the dizzy & head pressure that's all

  • yeah same thing

  • Listen to Dr Claire Weekes. She helps guide you through anxiety. She has a book and recordings.

  • whats the website ?

  • Dr. Claire Weekes......


  • Ok i would try it to see wasssup does it work?

  • I find her comforting and helpful.

  • Oh okay so ill try it

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