Results are all gd :-)

Had my results bk from hart monitor and its all gd so it I s just anxiety !!! The doc has given me a number to ring up about this CBT thing ! Not sure tho as don't really know wot its all about ??? Not been on for a while but last few day been a bit on and off ! Went out Friday to my sisters surprise 40th was a really gd night and I did gd by not worrying about it before hand ! Then stayed till 11:15 and I got there at 7 so that's reallybgd for me normally I last a hour and half and won't to leave ! I had few drinks but not to many as had the kids to ! Saturday felt a bit crap on and of and Sunday and still a bit today to not as bad but just don't know why it cones on like it does !!! Arrggggg lol anyway hope all is well with everyone else :-) x


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  • Hi Stacey

    Thats fantastic news , even though I knew it would be anxiety , but now you have got peace of mind as well & that means such a lot to us :-)

    You can now start to move forward & if you feel anything you no its anxiety & you can tell it to do one :-/

    CBT is a type of counselling ,I dont no if they have given you a number for CBT on line , or by phone or in person as I no it can be done in each way

    You could give it a ring & maybe a go , you would have nothing to loose & maybe a lot to gain :-)

    Well done at the party you did do well :-)

    Have a lovely evening :-)




  • Thank you :-) yeah I will give it ago ! Could be a gd thing u never know :-) x

  • If you do let us no how you go on & if you dont still let us no how you are :-/


  • Yes I will I'm ringing them tomoz so prob b a while till I go !!! =-O x

  • Thank you it is a relief :-) just got to sort this anxiety out now x

  • Hi I have been to CBT. It is counselling and it's done in a group situation (well at least mine was), You don't talk about your issues in depth but it teaches you strategies to cope in situations you find stressful, It's a type of counselling which is measurable and therefore popular with them! (The famous them). It's counselling which comes under N.I.C.E (can't remember what it stands for). I found it quite worthwhile.

    Bev x

  • NICE stands for National Institute for Health and Clinical Excelence. This is the only thing i know from uni lol

  • Thanks for that :-) I still haven't phonedvthem yet !!! Not sure about the hole group thing ! I don't mind being around people its not that its just the sitting doing it all in front of lotsvof people !!! Lol x

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