Lastnight i woke up with a racing heartbeat i really tried so hard to remember all the techniques ive read about how to accept that its ok to not feel ok i tried i really tried but anxiety won in the back of my mind the thoughts were just overpowering those "what if" thoughts and to make matters worse its that time of the month so im extra anxious and fatigued and frustrated how much more can i take. Im having skipped heartbeats now my stomach is upset and in knots and i feel weak and tired. Any suggestions or word of encouragement.


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  • Try not to be too disheartened, sometimes trying to accept is difficult, but maybe next time it will work, just treat it as a little set back, we all have episodes when anxiety just seems to get the better of us, but that doesn't mean that it's won or that next time acceptance won't work, you just have to keep practicing at it, you'll get there eventually, some people need more practice than other's, at least you tried, keep at it :-) xxx

  • I wont give up thank u so much for your reply

  • The hormone changes during your period could be causing the palpitations and even extra anxiety. Try drinking some cold water or even splashing some in your face when your heart is beating fast. The coldness can startle a reflex that will slow the heart rate.

  • I will try this thank u so much

  • Hi Cwoods.

    It does take time to allow yourself to feel and think anything so don't beat yourself up. As long as you continue to practice accepting you will make it for sure.

    Your post reminded me of something I read in Essential Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. In trying to explain what acceptance was all about, she used an example of a patient who was complaining about all the symptoms as someone who wasn't fully accepting, otherwise, they wouldnt be complaining! Hence, when you reach the stage that you are still feeling all the symptoms of anxiety, still feel crap but have a relaxed attitude towards it all (so what or simply don't care and genuinely mean it) that is full acceptance. Having said that, even the fact that you are practising and developing the right attitude will bear some fruit. The more fruit you pick, more fruit appears. Recovery happens in layers, usually thin layers, so thin, you may not even notice it happening. That's how it was for me. Symptoms that terrified me simply disappeared without me even noticing that they had gone.

    Once the concept of acceptance is understood, time is the healer and something you cannot hurry. It will go when it wants to go but I will go if you keep practising. setbacks will also happen (part of the recovery process) but acceptance will also see you through them. The more setbacks you have, the easier it gets. View them as a yardstick as to how far you have recovered, not how far back you think you may have fallen.

    The road to recovery is a bit like water skiing! You need to practice standing up on the skis and when you get there, you can't let the rope pull you forward (face plant in the water) and you can't pull on the rope (end up on your back). Acceptance is the middle where you are neither pulling or being pulled by the rope. In other words, you are not resisting the symptoms or striving for recovery by trying to push forward/force recovery all the time. Acceptance is not something you do, especially through gritted teeth! Just go about your day and take the anxiety with you and let it kick up as much fuss as it wants to while not doing anything to quieten it down.

  • Hiiii beevee thank u so much i want books by dr claire weekes so badly i have got to order them ive heard nothinf but good remarks on them. I know i am beating myself up about this anxiety and i should know better than that to know things dont work out overnight. I will try my best to just try and ignore these feelings the best i can thank u once again.

  • I wouldn't even bother trying to ignore it all in case you are striving to ignore. Think of it as the anxiety/energy trying to escape from your mind and body. Do you want to stop it leaving by trying to do stuff to get rid of it because this is how it works. Just don't get in the way of that process by expending more energy ignoring, pushing away, not wanting to feel it etc because your fear/flight mechanism will think there is something wrong and keep you on high alert. It's not about actions or doing things, it's about inaction in terms of your attitude. Whatever will be, will be. Heck, i feel a Doris Day song coming on all of a sudden 😂

  • Hahahahaha u are so funny sing girl

  • Ok. The voice might be a little deep but willing to give it a go. OK, after 3 everyone. 1....2....3 🎤

  • Funny....

  • In the meantime, also look up a website called Anxiety No More created by Paul David. Lots of useful information (all free) which helps to dispel the fears about anxiety and the reason it hangs around. Check out the forum too. All users of this site follow the same principles Dr Weekes pioneered which lead to cure of any anxiety based disorder naturally. If you understand how anxiety manifests itself, it makes acceptance of the symptoms so much easier which is the cornerstone to recovery.

  • Will check it out

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