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Fear of dying kicked in again 😭


Hi everybody

Well woke up this morning and Wham!!!! It's reared its ugly head again panic,anxiety,health anxiety you name it its on the go again..dont know if my trigger was because im worried about a pain i get in my right ovary area ive had it for about 8 month nòw on and off and i feel a lumpy bit i think. it hurts to the touch and ive been ok but woke up this morning all panicky burning up and cant keep off the toilet.so I'm worried sick again my mum died of pancreatic cancer 10 years this month and I'm worried as her pain started in her side i know it sounds silly but this happens to me once or twice a year and Ive been like this for 16 years now and i cant seem to shift it ive had therapy im on meds and nothing stops it from rearing its ugly head im so scared all the time does anyone else go through this xx

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I woke up at 3:30 and the feeling of doom overcame me. I am currently sick with fevers and lymp nodes swollen in neck. Doctor took a bunch of blood but not back yet.

Natzsteveo in reply to Teerings3

I've been ok then woke up with that feeling of doom and spiralled into a full blown anxiety panic mode been Drs this morning he wants me to have more therapy

Cares179 in reply to Natzsteveo

Did they do an MRI or ultrasound to rule out any issues? If not I would ask for one just to set your mind at ease.

Teerings3 in reply to Cares179

Not yet, but going to have unilateral left breast ultrasound and diagnostic mammogram on Friday. Doctor said this and seeing a medical eye doctor is step one. I just always get high anxiiety when I'm running fever.

Cares179 in reply to Teerings3

Yes I get a lot of anxiety when I am sick especially when I am nauseas cause I feel it will never go away. It's irrational fear I know but it's still there.

Natzsteveo in reply to Cares179

I've asked but they dont ever check me as wen I lòok at them I can see they all think it's in my head 😣

You should go back to the docs and demand a check on your ovary area. It might just coincide with period pain, it might be a cyst. I had a benign condition called endometriosis that caused me lots of pain and I was worried until it got diagnosed.

You have a right to be checked. This is the only way your worries over that pain will go away. I had to shout at my doctor once that the pain was not in my head, it was in my stomach, think that shocked him!

Good luck and let us know. X

I will i dont know wether its cuz ive lost nearly 3 stone in weight that i can nòw feel the pains more or because ive not been off the toilet for a few days with my bowels im not sure

I believe is due to the trauma of your mother having that situation that sits heavy on you and makes u focus on the symptoms u go trew and think negative it about your situation we just need to have hope in this trials I know it's hard another thing u can do is get tested to have peace in my mind ...because stress does a number too us....

Yes I agree, worries about what happened to your Mother will make an impact. If your bowels have been over active, that to will give you pains cos you are so empty, I get that. But just ask for a complete check. And when it comes back ok, think how much better you will feel, May be even your anxiety will lessen. J x

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