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does anyone have this feeling or am i strange

whenever i go out into town i only have to go into maybe two shops and i'm slightly dizzy, my eyes feel like their being pulled out my sockets and i feel nauseas with the spinny feeling. Its not that i need an eye test cos i went for one last week. Is this part of anxiety or what. Has anyone experienced this ??? help. love to all x

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nah, your just strange lol,x

Im only kidding hun, i get dizzy in shops as i feel i dont want to be there, i hate shops and all public places in general. I felt like this at the hospital the other day but knew i was in the right place if anything happend, like me passing out on the spot. When this happens to me, i find a place to sit down and assume the recovery position, putting my head down and focusing on my breathing. It helps, I may look weird but it helps.

Love Cookie xxx


Hi Hunnybug, thats a definite yes from me on what you said. I avoid anywhere like the plaque that involves shops or people in general, well to be honest i haven't really been anywhere for a few month. That spinny feeling as if your about to drop is awful but you will find that if you just stop and relax it will pass and you can carry on as normal. Once you are told you have anxiety then most symptoms after can be blamed on that. Its always better to be checked out of course xx Donver



I get this to & everything starts looking strange as if I am not focusing on things & they dont look as they should , in fact I no its my anxiety , but its enough to bring on a panic attack

I usually get out & go & sit some where for 10 minutes if I can

Mind you I dont go out that often , so I dont have to put up with it to much , but you are certainly not strange hun





Yes I have been experiencing this a lot lately mine doesn't go quite so quickly but does pass. Iam having my eyes tested next week as I get slot of headaches I think this is tension though as I have a slight neck problem xxx


thank you to al you lovely people for your replies i do appreciate them and they make me feel not as strange as i thought i was and that you have all experience something similar.

ps Cookster if you knew me you would think me strange no kidding lol

thanks again, love to all x


Every time I go shopping in big supermatkets I start feeling dizzy before I've completed aisle two.

I hate it.I love shopping but make a beeline for the exit every time it happens xx


Yes its anexity, I go through this a lot I tell myself everything will be fine and I take it slow and after a while it goes away, but prayer does wonders. This started for me 6 years ago, my father died due to an accident and I just fell apart, and I gain a lot of weight, I just lost 25 pounds and I feel better. but I enrolled in college and that helped too. but prayer helps so much. don't give up and don't think you are alone. I know you feel you are not in control of your own life, I know I want my life back too. We will get there.


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