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Morning peeps:}

Morning peeps:}

Well didnt sleep to well again:{ Thought i would after yesterday!! Which brings me nicely on to how im feeling. All i can say is ouch!!! I ache all over after running club!!! its a good ouch because i know its doing some good:}

I needed help to get off the sofa last night,i couldn't move:}} what funny site that was!!

Any way off to walk my doggies and do the school run...Hope you guys are ok:}} xx I leave you with a picture of one of my doggies.xx

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A nice looking dog-shaped dog - the best sort.

Sorry you didn't sleep well, I found it really hard when I was having broken sleep. I hope you do better tonight.


Thanks blorengia, I'm not going to dwell to much on not sleeping:) Yes he is a beauty, bit of a poser too, loves the camera!! X


A lovely walk place and a lovely dog. You will ache more tomorrow, I'm sorry to say!!! Just keep moving it might help a little!!! Xx


Thanks winter, I know it's going to get worse before it gets better !!!:) Hope you are ok today xx


Morning :)

Love the pic , your doggie is a real poser :-/

Well like you say its good aching , made me laugh though , could just imagine you needing help getting of the settee :-/

Soon be time for Holly & Phil , I no you enjoy that :)

Well done though you did brilliantly

Have a lovely day :)





Morning Hun, yes I'm settling down to holly and phil:) Might have to keep moving though, don't want to seize up!!! Got nobody to prise me out of the sofa;))) Have a good day Hun x


I love the post exercise ache, its positive!

dnt let the bad night sleep mess up ur day, enjoy the fresh air and time with your dogs and think positive that u got out there and did it. That's 2 positives over 1'll be a good day!! :-) xx


Thanks Millie, that's a very good way of looking at things!:) x


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