This morning

Just got back from Tesco's took my friend Anxiety with me,slight tremble of legs at the cash till,no body said anything so it must have been unnoticeable,a bit light headed but just got to accept it as its only protecting me,just drinking a cup of tea and my hand is shaking but the tea is good,if I have to take my friend anxiety with me so what its a fact of life and I wouldn't know what to do without it,I am not going to fight it anymore just go with the flow,don't get me wrong its not pleasant but its there so have a good day and take good care of yourselves my friends.Teabags,here's a photo of my little friend Penny.


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  • Love your little friend Penny , I asked on your other blog if it was your dog

    Sometimes I wish I could have a dog , but my OCD gets in the way

    I think you should give yourself some praise , I no how you feel , but I cant get out the house & go to Tesco , yet even if your legs shake & you feel lightheaded you keep going & you should feel good about yourself ( I really feel as well other people don't notice , its because we no we are shaking we think everyone else can see it , but they are that busy I don't think they do )

    I think sometimes it is about just accepting how we feel (easier said than done ) but it can take some of the fear away if we can

    I hope the rest of your day gets better , I no you do a little gardening , but that may be out the question , weather here is raining again (another thing that doesn't seem to change )




  • Well done teabags,

    I practice tesco's at least 4 times a week, I use the automated checkouts, and occasionally the manned ones if I'm feeling strong.

    Keep at it,

    wishing you well



  • Thank you both of you,I deliberately do Tesco's walk over the shop an take my little dog over the shop every morning,my problem is that I spend most of the afternoon and evening sitting on the bed (I don't get light headed when sitting down),garden and house are in pristine condition and can't find anything to keep me occupied.Teabags

  • Teabags , wish you lived nearer , I like the sounds of pristine condition , I could set you on with mine ;-)


  • Would it be worth, heading a bit further out, like into town. Or to a friends,relatives?

    I found the boredom a hard thing to bare, and started painting, which keeps me out of trouble.



  • I really miss painting. I loved it. I can't get the motivation anymore. I'll set everything up and then just sit and stare at blank canvas. It's depressing. Xxx

  • Thats sounds like me too Cookster, I take a while ,but then just pick up the brush and do a little at a time.

    I think my problem is wanting it all to be perfect, and it never is :-)

  • I might just have a venture out with my camera tomorrow as its been a while,I love photography,hope the camera don't shake to much.Teabags

  • Camera sounds like a great idea, teabags, I use my mobile phone, just for quick shots.

    And talking of teabags, I like the tesco value ones, 28p for 80 if I remember correctly, and not too shabby :-) just had a cup, with my baked potato and cheese salad



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