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Im not sure if iit's anxiety or a real reason. I've been experiencing eye problems. First my vision started to get blurry and wasnt to bad then a couple months go by and i notice i started seeing black dots and bright lines in my vision and that was in one eye well then it stared in both and at night time i see double vision with lights like street lights light poles sown streets, and the moon and headlights. I was worried iwent to er tgey did a ct scan of my head to look for tumour anf nothing was wtong i had 2 yet they both came bk perfect. Im 24 years old in good health condition. I've never been to an eye doctor but now thinking i should. I keep thinking maybe i have gloucoma. I dont see how anxirty can cause tgis all the tume. Doesn't make sence. Any ideas what could be causing this


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  • Anxiety can cause blurry vision. It can cause lights or spots, too. I've gone to the eye doctor before and if you are too concerned, it's so quick to check it out. DoNOT ask them if stress can cause this because they will most likely say no and that is wrong.

  • Yeah I get all these. Sometimes that can be the start of a migraine too.

  • Yes i have this all the time sometimes i were sun glasses in stores as stupid as that may sound bc the lights bother my eyes

  • Anything is possible with anxiety

    Good thing you were cleared.

    I had this the other day, I was stressing and as soon as I relaxed it went away.

    It's very possible you are breathing off because of the anxiety.

  • Get your thyroid tested, both anxiety and vision change is a sign of thyroid imbalance. Doctors dont normally take it seriously as symptoms are more of a 'women problem'. But I would highly recommend asking your doctors to do a test. you might need prescription hormones if there is any imbalance in your thyroid.

    God luck

  • You should definitely see an eye doctor. It doesn't sound like anxiety to me. You said you are seeing double vision so it could still be an eye issue even though you went to the ER and had a scan. An eye doctor specializes in eyes so no doubt can find out and ease your anxiety about your vision changes. I go every year because I wear contacts. It could be a simple eye infection that you just need drops to clear it up. It could be floaters which I have. As someone said it could be a thyroid issue. I also know diabetes can cause blurred vision. I get migraines once every few months and they always start with an aura sensation with my eyes. Don't just blow it off as anxiety since you have had actual changes in your vision and go to an eye doctor. I have anxiety myself so I'm not dismissing it. I know it can cause lots of issues. Good luck! I'm sure it's something minor!

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