After yesterday's slip up I am feeling alittle better this morning:) Still got that annoying headache that starts in the corner of my eye and shoots over my head..but will try and ignore that..same goes for the pain around my ribs and up my shoulder blade.. Gosh I seem to be falling apart:)) Daughter not to good today... Really suffering this month.. Keeping her off today.. White as a sheet :(...

Well I've got get these doggies walked and get breakfast.. Hugs xx


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  • Morning :) I am off into town early, got to see my new job centre adviser woman and do some shopping. Then come home and called Littlewoods about my trainers I'm paying alot of money for every month, the soles are falling off and they don't work well in rain. I've had them for 4 months! I know I will be a mess afterwards. I've still got the pressure on top of my head which isn't nice so I am going to take painkillers before I go out

  • Morning CardiffGirl :-)

    Sorry you still have that pressure feeling , I do believe its anxiety , & until we relax it seems to stay with us !

    But look at you getting into town early you are not letting it get in your way , so well done , that takes a lot of effort !

    Oh its not nice complaining , but those trainers should have lasted a lot longer they are to expensive to only last 4 months

    I am not sure if any trainers are water proof now a days , so I would play more on the fact they are poor quality & falling to bits after only having them 4 months !!!

    Good luck , I hope you get a good result , you will have to let us no :-)




  • Morning :-)

    If it helps I feel like I am falling apart with you , dont no what isnt right with me , but wouldnt be enough room to put everything thats wrong with me :-D

    We no why you feel this way & I no when this is over a lot of this aches & pains will go away , doesnt help when you have got them , but they will :-)

    I might see if I can face a fear this week , or maybe two , i will join you :-/

    Wont say what just incase , but I will tell you after if I do :-D

    Oh sorry your daughter isnt well today bless her

    Soon be time for Phil & Holly if they are on today , tune into that , will help keep your mind busy :-/

    Waiting for my brain to tune in here , it is a slow starter , I get up & it follows a couple of hours later :-D

    Thinking about you though :-)




  • Thanks hunni... Be thinking of you too:) My daughter will be ok.. She's got her hot water bottle and taken painkillers... Hormones flying all over this house:))!! She's at the beginning and I'm at the other end... Poor hubby:)) Hope you have a good day ... Be nice to yourself and relax:) Hugs xxx

  • Well at one stage mine had 3 of us on the go :D

    He survived just , I think :-/

    Well I have put some plans in place to face some fears of my own this week , so you are not on your own now , I thought I would join you & be brave , well brave for me , well thats if I see it through :-/

    Have a good day to :-)


  • It's horrid facing your fears but I'm determined to do it:) My D day is on Thursday morning:/ I will be here for you if you need me xxx

  • I no & I have remembered :-)

    Well I am thinking I might face the dentist on Thursday & wait for it blood tests on Friday morning , now I no its not the same , but it will make my anxiety go into over drive if I can do it , I am hoping I can as both need to be done & I cant keep putting them of , but like you will live in fear of the blood test results & already have booked a phone appointment with GP for next Wednesday , because I no I will be in a state just over that !

    So together we will do this :-)


  • Right that's a date:)) We will keep each other strong in spirit!:) We can do this.. Looking forward to the calm at the end of it:) Hugs x

  • Its like Bob the Builder here when I reply

    Yes we can ! :-D

    Me to , now I have made these plans I am thinking Oh let it come & go so I can calm down :-/

    We will do it :-)


  • Haha I know what you mean!:) xx

  • Morning :-)

    sorry your daughter aint feeling well, hope she feels better soon, ive had headache's but now think there anxiety my shoulders have been very tense then yesterday a sharp pain in my shoulder blade, horrible.

    what a beautiful picture, now if I woke up there this morning I would be very happy:P nope im still here, best make the most of it.

    Oooh phil and holly cheers me up, tend to sit there til its finished though and wonder where my morning has gone lol xx

  • Thanks Hun, Can't stand pain full stop:/ it was horrible yesterday had to cry just to release the tension. Still Holly and Phil should do the trick, they always make me laugh. Yeah I wish I could wake up somewhere like that..would be bliss:) Still got my holiday to look forward too:) Have a good day xxx

  • Tension is really horrible. i get it across the sholders and up the neck. i don't know if anyone has found putting a cold pack . on the back of the neck helpful. Wrap it in a t towel first though. I think it relaxes the muscles. Or sometimes I put it on the joint where the shoulder joins the arm. Massage also helps. iIt makes me relax whicjh is something I find very difficult to do. apparently posture is important because when we are anxious we tend to tense and hunch our shoulders or I do and this put tension on the muscles. We need to keep our heads up and shoulders backs Good luck to everybody who is facing a fear this week. my thought and support are with you..

  • Thanks hunni , got some stuff going on this week so once that's over with I think I can relax:) x

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