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Finding Myself

Cookie was a quiet child, a caring soul with manner mild,

but as she grew she had to fight against her world all filled with strife

It couldnt last, she had a break, then meds she found she had to take

to keep the demons from the door, she lost herself, she was no more.

She looked upon those meds one day, said " I dont want to live this way "

but after only just two days, her head feels strange in many ways

trying to wean off these meds with demons running through her head,

she says " the demon shouts at me, this choice youve made is not to be.

for on these pills you now depend, to stop you going round the bend ".

She looked upon the meds in hand, said " I will fight, ill make a stand "

Cookie is a mess right now, but to herself she made a vow

To persevere and reach her goal, to fight once more to save her soul,

she'll fight these demons face to face as this will be her saving grace,

To live her life, not free from pain, but how nice to feel emotions again.

Love Cookie xxx

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Oh Cookie mate , you are so good at expressing your self in these poems , I hope you are still thinking of putting some together for charity

You never have lost that caring soul or that sense of humor , you have a massive heart :)

I no when you want to do something you will , so I wont even try & talk you out of it :p

I can understand totally why you want to try & come of these meds , please though , really reduced gradually , if you do , you wont feel like you are loosing it , but you need to do this really slow mate , dont rush it please

Always here for you :)





slowly slowly catchey monkey lol. Im doing it but do feel strange. xxx


Strange ...well I always feel that mate , so I wouldnt notice the difference :D just make sure you are ok thats all



Very slowly cut them down cookie. Not large chunks to quick. ;) a lovely post cookie . You will do it ;)

{{{{{{{{{ hugs}}}}}}}}}}




That really is lovely. As Bonnie says take it very slow, I know what you mean about loosing emotions with tablets.

Take care xxx


thanx winter and i agree that slowley is the way to go. xxx


I do love your poems Cookie, that's wonderful.

Nice & gently does it & you'll get there



I will indeed, if i can come off heroin cold turkey after 12 years , this will be a breeze, i hope lol xxx


Just wanted to say what an amazing poem you have written. It moved me and I could so identify with what you have expressed. You are very talented. I only wish I could express myself so well; maybe I need to try poetry!! Thank you so much x x


Hiya and bless you,

id never written a poem in my life till this hit me in the face 9 months ago so please give it a go, its amazing what we gain from pain and anxiety xxx


Cookie is the bravest soul,

Who is fighting to be whole!

The demons who at her shout

I am sure that she will rout!

Gently, and with care, my dear,

Your cherished goal you will draw near.

Love yourself amidst the fight

Look up, and see the light!

The light is there, though clouds obscure it

And we feel we can’t endure it!

But a breeze can blow a cloud away

And we see it’s bright as day!

And though the war-drums loudly rumble,

I know this Cookie will not crumble!!!

Gently does it, my love, if going down 50mg is too much, go down 25 mg - take it at your own pace and you will get there!

With love and huggles


Your Rosebud



Thats lovely Rose :)

I cant do a poem though :(

Never mind i can send hugs



Awww Why, love and huggles help us all!!! :) xxxxx

Hugs back, my love



Yes they do Rose Bud ;)

Sending you some more to make up for my lack of poetry ability :D



There was a young lady WhyWhy

whos dreams reached right up to the sky

she woke up next to Will, after taking a pill

and the kid will be called Will am I xxx


Cookie , was holding my breath there & its not a good day with my breathing , phew , the word I thought you were going to put you didnt , & now I can breath :D



i never fail to dissapoint myself lol xxx


Thankyou hun, what a lovely poem as usual. Im going to do it in 25s as 50 is too much too soon. a bit like meself lol xxx

Big Huggles and snuggles back.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ My Rose Bud }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


I did think 50 was a bit too much but didn't want to interfere, hun. Good luck with the 25 mg! :)



I thought so lol xxx


Thats brill Cookie, and Rose too, so much talent on this site :)

Mimii xx


I know and all wasted too lol xxx


Not wasted, makes us smile :)

Mimii xx


Thanks, Mimi! Hugs to you too {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


Nice to see you Rose, how are you have you been able to go out again yet :)

Hugs to you though I'm a bit hot and sweaty :D

Mimii xx


lol, dont force me to lower the tone mimii lol xxx


Dont think anybody could force you to do anything Cookie :D xx


Sorry, been asleep :( Hugs to everone!!!




Cookie,love your posts


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