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My Armada

My Armada

Welcome to my hell, close the door,

I'm in a place I've been before.

Tears roll down cheeks, now red and sore,

Each represents a memory stored.

Alone all night, my eyes stay wide,

Behind my eyelids, nightmares hide.

Under my shroud, I try to hide,

This, my Armada at low tide.

Sleep will not come, nights filled with dread,

My body weak, limbs feel like lead.

Not strong enough to support my head,

So heavy lies on feather bed.

The tablets, from the bottle roll

Into my mouth, destroy my soul,

To reach what seems an impossible goal,

Make shattered mind and body whole.

A prisoner to this treatment bound,

Can what is lost, at end be found,

Or in this low tide shall I drown,

In salty tears these cheeks roll down.

Cookie xxx

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Oh Cookie


You get the hugs first & then as I always say your poems & how you express things in them well you are so talented !

Here when you need & want us as always , you don't have to look far !





You shall regret those words my fair Whywhy lol. Only joking, I'll behave. I know we are nearly the same age. ( me being the younger lol ) but I see you as a mother figure and as I have the utmost respect for you, I'll be good. Xxxx


A up Cookie Mother :-o

Now wait a minute , younger you may be but by a teeny weeny bit only I need to add & make very clear to all that may read :-D

Maybe it could be that I am the sensible one that you feel this way :-D

Oh you are getting sloppy , must be the meds :-p

Only joking , I thank you very much for these kind words they do mean an awful lot to me :-p




Hey there:)

Wow that's a powerful poem, very good.

Sending you hugs xxxx


Oh Cookie

(((((((Hugs)))))))) from me to. That is a fantastic poem and is very moving. It explains a lot xxx


Very moving. Your words get right to the heart. I do hope you feel the sunshine soon. Xxx


Really powerful words and so good to hear from you


Good to see you too Lizzie. I hope you are in a good place xxx



Wow, I bet that poem resonates with so many people. Sorry you are suffering. Sending you some good vibes.

Eunice xx


Thank you Eunice. I hope you are in a good place today too. Xxx


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