Cookies Silver Lining x

Cookies Silver Lining x

When i was young, Mums stories told

of dragons fierce and Knights so bold

these treasured memories, dear i hold

they turned my silver lining Gold.

Then i grew up and flew away

Ill not return, i used to say

I didnt know the price Id pay

My silver lining turned to Grey

I live in a room with just my bed

terrible thoughts flow through my head

my daily life is filled with dread

Its turns my silver lining Red

No longer confident or proud

the darkness hugs me like a shroud

I cry so long, I cry out loud

Ive lost the linings of my cloud

Every day is such a fight

to beat the darkness, see the light

to spread our wings like birds in flight

To keep our silver linings bright.

Love Cookie xxx


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15 Replies

  • O Cookie mate :(

    Thats so from the heart ((((hug)))

    Our little poet :p




  • OOOOOhhh you, lol, xxx (((((( Hug right back atcha )))))

  • Got it ;)


  • Good :-D

  • Oh Cookie, that's lovely, so sad, but lovely!!!!

    Have some big curly hugs to turn the lining silver again, just a little bit!



  • Beautiful(but sad) hun. Your lining will turn silver again one day.. It will cookie don't lose hope big hugs love eve x

  • I whole heartedly agree with the above. That is a stunning piece of writing Cookie :-) x

  • Lovely words............. xxx

  • beautiful but sad.

    my lovely Mum used to say it's always there, just sometimes things get in the way, cast shadows and make it hard to see.

  • sad, but meaningful, and beautiful



  • That's lovely Cookie and so

  • Cookie that's wonderful, so moving.


  • Very nice

  • Thank you all so much for your kind comments. They are appreciated more than you know

    Lots of love XXX Cookie XXX

  • Its OK Cookie , anytime :p


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