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I'm so upset to whom it may concern I'm a loving wife, mother and a Mimi I beat myself up enough over having anxiety an phobia of meds yes I take 2mg of Ativan a day and I hate it with every ounce of my being I'm so afraid of quitting just as much as I was being told by doctors to take believe me I'm a Christian an I love my Heavenly Father very much and it is embarrassing to be going through this I cry a lot over this an keep hitting brick walls so I'm sorry if you think otherwise of me an so sorry to sound angry but this causes anxiety a lot for me but I will never ask another question on here I pray that people have more compassion for you sir than you did me have a blessed evening because believe me I'm not doing so well at this moment so hats off to you kind sir you did what you intended it worked I feel like a scum of the earth!!!

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I am so sorry to hear that someone has obviously upset you very much and made you feel awful. I rely on my Ativan to help me sleep although my GP says I shouldn't..... but, hey , it works for me. I find in prayer I can come to a peaceful place where my head is not buzzing and that helps me heaps. Anxiety causes us to have heightened reactions to anyone's remarks and take them to heart. Whatever remarks this horrible person made please don't beat yourself up over them. They are probably nasty to everyone. Try your hardest to get them out of your head.... he is the scum not you, YOU are a better person.You are loved by friends and family ... I wonder if this person is ???? Be kind to yourself, know that you are loved and are loving. No more energy wasted on this man..... they are really not worth it. xxxx


Hi mimisings

I saw what upset you , please I no its not easy & I had a feeling it could possibly cause you upset , but that is one persons opinion & there are so many more on here , that I for one never even thought of the suggestion that had been put to you , I already had took the time to see you live in America :) & are a loving Mother etc

I no as well your Health system works differently to ours & therefore I no unlike us if we cant afford it , I dont think I could be wrong , that in America medical care is not free possibly why you were asking

But whatever , please , try & again I no its not easy & ignore the comment but I do hope you can feel that we do care , I have spoken to you often on here & want to keep helping where ever I can & also I do hope you will feel you can ask questions again , keep talking to us :)





Hi mimisings

So sorry you have been upset by some thoughtless comment. Please, do try not to take it to heart, there are lots & lots of very supportive people here who understand how you are feeling.

I read your original post, I didn't reply as I have no experience of your problem however I do hope you continue to post, we may not always have the answer but we do care.

Look after yourself



Hey mimi!!

Great name lol sorry you have been upset, not an expert on meds but millions of ppl need them at some point in their lives dont think anyone should have to feel guilt or shame if they help!

Mimii.xx :)


I have just read your original blog and now realise why you were so upset. I am not sure you can just 'buy' Ativan as it is a prescribed drug. This person's answer to you was very unsupportive and not usual for this site. Am very sorry this happened on here as the majority of people on here are so very nice and supportive. I really do hope that you are felling a little better now. Most of us are here to want to help , not criticise unfairly. xxx



By reading your blog someone has said something to upset you.

But for the one who has there are hundreds that can agree with you help and support you while your having a difficult time.

Most people here are lovely genuine and concerned for peoples well being. Ignore the negative comments and enjoy the positive.

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


Ty xxx


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