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Scared of anxiety making me unemployable


I’m so sorry to hear that so many are suffering such similar issues! Anxiety’s affect on employment is not warranted! I wish more bosses knew the anxiety struggle themselves and truly knew how much we value our job! Constantly being in fear of losing it tends to make anyone work harder to make sure we do the best job possible.... between anxiety attacks! Unfortunately they can become debilitating and at times require short term disability which seems to put people in a secret “no hire” status! I lost my job making enough money just to make ends meet as a single mom of two, they liked to use me as an example over to the younger employees because “she has 2 kids to feed and bills to pay” they saw my ability, value and hard work... but eventually I couldn’t hide the anxiety anymore and I had a bully of a sales manager who lectured me like a child asking personal questions until I was in tears. I outshined the master! I think anxiety makes me work harder especially when my personal life is so much more than others in the office, I try to make up for my insecurities by going above and beyond my call of duty (never to an extreme). I gave my everything to the companies I’ve worked for as I’m sure you have too! I was let go 9 years ago and haven’t been able to find stable employment since then. His belittling attitude and harsh judgement gave me such a feat of bosses that I’m lost with a lot of useful experience and ambition to give the world but I don’t know where to apply it! I’m so surprised that bosses these days are trained to weed us out, they consider it drama and can find employees without anxiety just as easy in this job market. I really feel like it’s written in my eyes at interviews, I feel helpless without this job and am close to the ledge please please please be the right job for me that I can thrive and retire at- basically desperate and pathetic which they don’t want and read through no matter how much you try to hide it. They have questions designed to answer all of those things with indirectly planned and executed “personality tests” and using Myers Briggs and DISC assessments as their hiring tools instead of giving people who care a chance! You don’t have to be a shark to be an outstanding valuable asset to a company! Being a sensitive person makes everything harder, why does it have to make your job harder? I’m turning 40 this month and have already been discriminated by age, marital status and motherhood. I haven’t given up completely but I hope something gives!

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I feel like your telling my story. I double checked to make sure I didn't write this. Lol. But I am also now taking my meds on a continuous basis as prescribed and feeling much better. But now unemployed I just found out my meds gave me a dirty test for a job agency. So here goes the cycle again. They suggested I don't take them for awhile..but I haven't given up hope either. Hang in there. I figure for me if I get back to work doing anything at all, it may help with my anxiety and who knows.

I wish you luck!

Wow, Constance55, I did not realize that prescribed medication could give you a dirty urine that would keep you from being hired. I do not know what you are taking, but I recall having to take a urine test and I am on xanax and lexarpro and there was no problem. Marijuana is now legal in many states for medical conditions and I do not know how that would play out in employment. I was told awhile ago that they were looking for other types of drugs, which marijuana was one of them then, cocaine, etc.

I have been working full-time as a social worker for 20 years at a municipality, and prior to that in hospitals, I know of many professionals who take antidepressants among other medications, just like me, who are employed, highly functioning people.

I have severe anxiety, that I constantly work on to control and continue to struggle with at times, and here I am a counselor. No one at work knows it, unless I choose to share it. I am also not in a clinical environment, as my co-workers are engineers, IT people, etc. not other clinicians.

I would keep on trying to find employment. I would also speak to a medical professional and explain what you are prescribed, before taking a urine test for a job and see what the response is. They often know what employers are looking for.

Please do not give up. Someone will hire you!

All the best to you!

Thank you very much for your response. I did ask why I didn't get a paper to fill out for any medications I may be taking and they said it is up to the employer to make that apart of their requested drug test and this company didn't. I don't know what the outcome was but I am going to ask on Monday.

I tested for another company but maybe because it's more medical and I explained my situation. They understood but it is against their policies. Xanax is a narcotic, so I suggested to talk to my doctor to change to something that isn't a narcotic and I got it changed to Vistaril for now. Have you heard anything about this medication?


I have heard of it, but looked it up to research it. It is used primarily as an antihistamine, for itching due to hives etc., although it does appear that it is used for anxiety, as well. Mainly pre and post surgery to relax.

I read the reviews which were interesting because people only wrote about experiences with anxiety and or panic attacks. It gets mixed reviews. It helps some with sleep, as well.

Everyone's body chemistry is different, so what works for one does not for another.

It is worth trying, especially as you are seeking employment and the drug testing that comes along with it.

I am on lexapro which is used at 10 mg. for anxiety. I was on 5 mg. for years, but have slowly gone up to 10 mg. and have noticed that I take less xanax. I am on a high dose of xanax and my doctor, as well as myself, would like to taper it down. I wish I had never been put on it, as it is addictive and the older you get the more cognitive issues have been reported. So, if you are able to get off of xanax and onto something else to help with your anxiety all the better.

Try the Vistaril and see how you do.

Let me know.


I think I might try Lexapro, I can’t remember if I’ve tried that in combination with Valium but I have tried Prozac and it worked at first then made me way too tired to wake up in the morning - without a cup of cold water poured on me - seriously a LOUD ALARM CLOCK COULDN’T wake me up lol and that’s never the case; I’m a light sleeper even when I take Valium (most would have the opposite effect). Visteril works well for me in between but only at times that I can be groggy. Valium is almost instant relief from an anxiety/panic attack and if I remember to take it on an “on and off” scheduled daily rotation to prevent tolerance it would probably prevent them from happening but when I do that I build a tolerance quickly and they’re no longer fast acting plus stop working all together if I don’t ween myself back to only “as needed”. Lexapro sounds like a good one for me to try.

I have vistiril and it’s better for allergies than anything, it has anti-anxiety relief but it also puts you right to sleep. It was prescribed to my dog for separation anxiety and my mom for nervous skin picking. It’s not string enough for “most people” who have anxiety treated by Xanax etc. I take them occasionally just to prevent myself from getting a tolerance to the Valium I’m prescribed. Sorry I’m so behind on these comments.

No worries. Thanks for your comments and your concern. I'm doing pretty good. I have my bad times but now I am working and taking the Vistaril. My attacks have really lessened since I now work the graveyard shift. I still need to drug test for this company at some point. But I should be fine...

Xanax is in the same family as my prescription for Valium, they are benzodiazepines and show up in most tests that I’ve seen but I haven’t seen one since I’ve been taking them (smh!)

Amen sorry for the delay, I wish you luck and I agree that anything will help at this point and if you give a “dirty” pee for anxiety medicine right there is their chance to discriminate based on medical issues that should be PRIVATE.... unless and until they affect your work! I haven’t even considered that during a pre-employment drug screening (I haven’t made it that far!) WOW! I’m not going days without sanity to pee in a cup, what a lose lose situation I’m so sorry! (Time for my medication lol 😭🕶)


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