My health anxiety just gets worse?

Sorry for the long post, I'd be just more than happy if someone reads this. So, ever since last year I'm struggling with terrible health anxiety which just seems to get worse which also led me to other disorders such as depersonalization, ocd and hypochondria. I'm constantly worrying about my health from when i wake up in the morning, until i fall asleep. No matter what i do, it creeps my thoughts. I also fear death. I have missed a month in school last year because of those goddamn anxiety physical symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue. Then i got a lot of eye floaters, flashes and now visual snow.I haven't stepped outside except for school for a year. I thought this year is gonna be better. No, it just got worse, to the point i'm not sure even what could be worse. I got digestive problems now, constant constipation, terrible nausea I haven't felt for years. I'm sick of going to the doctor to check, i have done millions of blood tests before, but these symptoms are just new. I'm wondering, are they even caused from anxiety? This leads me to a more anxious and depressed state than ever. Yesterday in P.E after 3 days of terrible nausea, i even fainted for 10 seconds. Then i couldn't feel any of my body, only it was tingling extremely much, I had double vision, extremely dizzy, and nauseated. My parents managed to bring me home, somehow. Now I'm scared to go to school , or move from home to go to the doctor. What if i die? Why did i faint? I'm scared to fall asleep now. I also got even more eye floaters. This is seriously killing me, i forgot to mention I'm only 13. Life is really terrible, from time to time I get so depressed i don't even want to live. My parents think I'm faking these symptoms, because last year i missed so much in school. They keep screaming at me and making me believe I don't have anxiety, i don't know why. I really do. It's really hard.. They think I planned this i really don't know why and it hurts me. i wan't them to understand. And to send me to therapy to get help. I forgot to mention i have a hard time studying now. I cannot memorize no matter what I do. I was a perfect student, but i can't keep up anymore it's all too much for me. Parents think I'm just so lazy. They are so unsupportive. I would really want advices. Thank you in advance.


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  • Hello, I'm experiencing the same thing right now everyday I feel like I'm dying too! I'm just trying to remember that it's normal for all these symptoms to happen when your mind is constantly anxious and your stress levels are high we are bound to feel sick but they are harmless. If you gotten new symptoms definitely go back to your doctor and have more tests done just to be safe. I will probably be going to get more tests done to be safe also because are health is most important. Try not to worry so much and remember that it's a physiological thing and that there isn't anything wrong with you it's just the state of mind we are in causing is to feel this way.

  • Thank you a lot for the answer, i appreciate it~!

  • I can definitly relate to this all. I started with anxiety in third grade and I am now 24 still dealing with it. Every day seems like there is a new symptom to deal with. It'd hard to keep jobs becauseangers don't believe my panic attacks and I am unreliable because of the anxiety. I'm having problems with my husband because i don't want to leave the house ever. I wish I could say it gets better but it's never going to go away. You just have to change how you cope with things. I also missed alot of school and had to drop out of college because I coulsnt leave my parents house. I have alot of depression and self esteem problems also. Its hard. Let me know if you need anything I could try to help. Take care!

  • Are you on any medication for yours Emily? Or have you seen a therapist or psychiatrist I'm trying to figure out what's going to help, what are your symptoms and are they constant?

  • Thanks for the answer Emily!

  • Your story is almost exactly like mine, sad that someone so young has to go through this the visuals are related to the depersonalization, the good news is that it will eventually fade but it is a long road, i have had dpdr for eight months now and have gotten over the depersonalization, the visuals are almost gone, the only way you get it to go away is to accept it and stop worrying about it constantly, you probably think about it constantly and look for the visuals and react to them with anxiety and paranoia, this is what keeps it going, it is not easy not to worry but this is what feeds it. If you ever want to talk you can message me, you will get through this!

  • This really gave me hope. Thank you for the answer!

  • I know this post is a bit old but I can't totally relate to what you are going through. I'm a 17 year old male suffering from major health anxiety and genealogy anxiety. It really sucks that your parents don't accept your anxiety. At first my parents didn't accept mine either. It has taken at least 2 years for them to fully understand. You have to keep telling them how you feel and they will eventually start to understand. You also have to talk to your consiler or an adult at school your school to help you if your parents wont. to give you some comfort there. Remember it gets better I was in your shoes and I kept pushing fighting for my life every day thinking I was going to die, hating my life. It eventually got better using counsiling and thinking positively. It DOES get better in the long run.

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