Sort for posting alot

Hi I'm so sorry for posting a lot here. I just can't do it. I can't live with anxiety anymore. I don't even think I have it, I believe that I have a serious medical condition. Almost every day I feel pain on the left side of my chest, or sometimes in the middle. I always feel pain on my upper back and middle stomach. I feel weak, tired and dizzy most of the time. My throat feels as if it was tight and my jaw feels wired too. I'm scared to go to sleep tonight, so I think I'm might take an all nighter, again. And to be honest, I know that some of you might report me but I'm just a 13 year old, soon to be 14 like in two months. I just don't know what to do. It sounds ridiculous that I fear death. I'm also starting fear food. Like I font want to eat anything anymore thinking that it just might do harm, like give me cholesterol or diabetes, simething luke that. Im starting to eat like just once a day or so, anf if im lucky, 2 times. I just feel like crying so much, when I get these symptoms my eyes just start to water up thinking why do I have to have this. The doctors just say that it might just be allergies, but I don't believe it is. I just don't know how to manage this anymore, I used to be normal, but this just had to happen to me so early.


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  • Dear xoxox,  You can never post too much when you are hurting and need someone to talk with.  It sounds like you have some pretty serious issues that need to be addressed.  I see this escalating if not stopped immediately.  Fearing afraid to eat is going to send you downhill quickly.  What is an "all nighter"?   Do you have your parents there that you can turn too?  You cannot handle this alone.  A school counselor?  Has something happened to you that caused all this to come about?  I can't believe the doctors are calling this possible allergies.  Please get help as soon as possible.  You need a therapist to talk to and a doctor to treat you.  Keep coming back to this forum.  There are many people who will support and advise you as to what to do.  There is always someone here to help.  Stay well, stay safe.   xx

  • Thank you so much. I get hugry yet I don't want to eat so I try like really small meals, like apples bananas, something healthy but it is small. And am all nighter is basically when you don't sleep all night, you stay up until it is morning. And yeah I can turn to my parents and siblings but I fear that they will think of it as a joke, or I'm just wanting attention. And I think it all started when I ate too much spicy food that made my chest hurt. And like always I searched up my symptoms and was said that it was some heart disease. And thank you so much for all the support and help that you and everyone gives me here. I'm so grateful for stumbling across this website and talking to people who understand me. Thank you Agora1 for helping me out <3

  • You are more than welcome.  I am on site most of the day and night.  I'm a night owl myself.  I'm glad an all nighter isn't a pill.   When you are up at night are you okay to be up while the family is sleeping?  I'm sure your parents will take it seriously if you tell them.  This is too serious a problem if you were doing it for attention, there are other ways.   Of course you get hungry and I'm glad you do try to eat.  It would be better if you ate small meals several times a day to even out the nutrients you need as a growing young girl.   I'm glad you are thinking it out as to what may have caused the chest to hurt.  Yes spicy food will do that.  Whenever I feel pain somewhere, I always try to figure out what I ate or did that might reflect that pain.  By coming up with a cause, it will reduce your anxiety.    I am glad that you did find this website too.  It's nice, isn't it, to have a place to come to.  We all need a friend to talk with at times, who understands what we are feeling and going through.   Keeps us updated.  We care,   I care.   xx

  • Yeah I did an alnighter a while back, didn't sleep until 7am and I work up at 12 in the after noon which was like 5 hours. And yeah, I will try to get rid of all the unhealthy foods and just eat healthy like salads and fruit. And my sister is up with me until 3 or 4 am(but she doesn't know about my problem) hen she goes to sleep, I sometimes do too, or I can actually go to sleep when someone is in the room with me and awake. But its only on the weekends since she works and comes back till 2 am so I basically sleep with the lights on. I'm not afraid of the dark, on the contrary I love the darkness and I'm also a night owl, but I feel safer with the light on, and sometimes the tv too. And yeah, it is great to talk with people who understand for you. And thank you so much for caring, I appreciate it. 

  • Hi xoxox

    Something you said chimed with me as I like to sleep with the light on as it makes me feel safer, I can completely understand that.  I don't have any answers for your problems and agora is being a great help to you but I wanted you to know I am reading your posts and sending you great big hugs and wishing that you get through this difficult time aok

    Lots of love


  • Thank you poppy huggs to you too<3

  • I agree with you, so young to have these feelings.

  • Yeah, but I'm trying hard to manage the anxiety. <3

  • You must speak to your parents and doctor and get them to refer you to CAMHs - Children's Mental Health. Best thing that happened to my daughter. She is coping much better and  moving forward with her life now.  She sufferers a lot of the same symptoms you are describing. Get a GP appointment this week (ask for a double appointment to give you time to explain your feelings, show them your postings here). No one will think you are attention seeking, but don't try and sort this out alone and feel guilty.  This is a genuine illness and like any physical illness you need professional help.  Take care of yourself, hugs.

  • Definitely speak to your parents, your so young. You probably feel tired and weak due to lack of sleep and not eating very much, you could also ask your parents to take you for a blood test to make sure your not a little anemic or something which would just mean you taking some tablets. Tell your parents how you feel and you probably would benefit from some counciling. Hope your feeling better x

  • Hi, so sorry to read how bad your feeling, it's so not nice feeling like this everyday. Reading all your symptoms has reminded me of how I do feel some days too, all the pains and feelings you have on your left side, middle chest and back seems to me that it's related to your stomach. If you don't eat often throughout the day your stomach will produce a lot of acid causing all these symptoms. This will cause all those pains your having and will also cause you to feel sick. I think you should try for a whole week to eat often throughout the day and write a daily diary of how you feel and I bet each day you will start to feel much better. Go shopping with your mum and start by eating a good breakfast such as Kellogg's do an oat berry breakfast, it's fab, you have to try that. Buy lots of fruit such as mangos, eat one every day, their great for the tummy and lots of apples and raspberries and so on. Drink lots of water. Just try and stay away from fixzy drinks and sweets. Later I will post you a sleep meditation to play when you get into bed. All you have to do is get into bed, get comfy and listen to it. Nothing else and see how you find that. Hopefully should help you sleep. Have a great day

  • Thanks for the suggestions I'll try them. Xx

  • Hello, did your any tests on you? Or was this just a diagnosis through an office visit? What do your Parents think it is? Maybe to set your mind at ease have some test run. Do you worry a lot? If so it could be just stress/ anxiety and believe me when you worry about things stress can make you physically sick. Try to stay calm take deep breaths let them out slowly. Hope everything goes well for you.

  • Have you had some trauma in your life? How do you see yourself?  Are you being bullied or criticized? We are here for you.  Don't give up.  Try to find the source of your anxiety.  It manifest itself in physical symptoms.  If you have had a thorough check-up, try not to worry about your physical symptoms because the more you focus on them, the worst they might feel.  Focus on your emotions and overthinking a situation or people.  Hang in there.

  • I agree with you steadfast.  Hope  you are okay.  x

  • I struggle just like you but with different symptoms.  I suffer from depersonalization.  I put my trust in God otherwise I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now.  I function one would ever know.  I shared with a close friend and my sister.  They didn't have much to say and never brought it up again. So I am hanging in there by God's grace.

  • I'm not a doctor, but this is my personal experience. When I was about your age, I started getting abdominal migraines. They're like regular migraines, except in your stomach. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. The stomach pain with back pain is what I had. It's anxiety related. My throat would be so tight I couldn't swallow food, because of the anxiety. I made custard because that would just sort of slide down, and it was healthy and full of protein.

    I'm telling you this to let you know you aren't dying. I found a therapist and was given medication to relax my stomach. It worked wonders! Also, I practiced self-hypnosis tapes to lessen anxiety, and they worked really well. I know how you feel about sleeping. I still sleep with the light on and I have kids of my own! That's okay. Do whatever helps you feel safe, but please don't stop eating. Chocolate and bananas made my stomach worse, but warm food helped. Scones and tea were good. There are some good herbal teas to settle your stomach. 

    I promise you you'll get better with therapy and medication. You have a beautiful, healthy life ahead of you. You will have wonderful adventures. Life will be good again. Keep me posted. It will all get better. All my love to you.

     Here's a bit of an explanation of abdominal migraine. I never had nausea with mine. Again, this is just for information. It's what I had, but that doesn't mean you have it. Knowledge is power, so tell a doctor everything. He or she can tell you what's happening with your body, and help you fix it.

    Dr. David Dodick of the Mayo Clinic responds:

    Yes, there is a condition known as abdominal migraine. It usually presents in childhood but has been increasingly recognized in adolescents and adults. Patients present with recurrent bouts of moderate or severe midline abdominal pain lasting up to three days. The pain, like the headache of migraine, may be associated with loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Very little is known about the mechanisms involved. Typical antimigraine medications are usually used to treat the condition, with anecdotal reports of effectiveness in the literature.

  • So far i know that seven blossom tea is good for relaxing, but ill look for more that do the same. But sometimes my stomach feels strange[it doesn't hurt] like if it were  mixed up yet i dont feel feel like throwing up. But thank you so much for all the help :)

  • Chamomile tea is very good for relaxing, as well as for tummy stuff. Also ginger tea. Take care!

  • Hi xoxox,  how are you doing tonight?   Are you in middle school?  Maybe you can talk with a counselor or the nurse at the school tomorrow.  I really hope you will get some help.  Wouldn't it be next to feel normal once again?  x

  • I'm doing sorta fine. I'm having a stranger feeling in my chest and in my stomach. I feel as if everything were unreal, my body feels weak and strange, but yeah, I am in middle school and there is a school counselor, she is a good person, looks very helpful. And yeah, it would be good to live well again like the years before. And thanks again.

  • What you are feeling in your chest and stomach is anxiety.  It does make our body feel strange and unreal.  It is not dangerous and will go away.  I hope you get some sleep tonight.  Let us know how school goes for you.  Please try not to worry, you will be okay.  We can all teach you how to handle your symptoms one day at a time. Sleep well.  Goodnight!  x    P.S.  Talk to you tomorrow

  • Thanks for everything today, and good night xx

  • Xoxox, I am concerned about all these feelings you have because you are NOT dying. You are 13, healthy and beautiful no matter what the world says. Please reach to your parents. I have a 14 year old and I will not feel upset or bothered if she comes to me for help. Your parents love you and they want the best for you. Mental health issues are an illness, soot needs to be treated. You feel all this because your mind is at edge, thinking negatives and as a result of that your body is manifesting those fears and emotions. Please get help now and let me know. I am too available at anytime. 

    God bless you abundantly and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hi Xoxox, how are you doing lately? I hope things are under control and your anxiety is manageable these last couple of days. 

    Take care.

  • Im doing so and so. I'm feeling as if I were unrealy, and if I was going to die. Feeling some random pains. And thanks.

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