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I am SO angry right now!


I've just been to the doctors, I booked this appointment a week ago, and I should have done it sooner. I went in purely for mental reasons, nothing physical. I have been promised for over 1 year now that I would get medication once I turn 18 without decline, well guess what, they lied again! My doctor said she doesn't want to prescribe until I'm 20, and I need to see a consultant psychotherapist until I am allowed it, what sort of rubbish is that. CAMHS were supposed to refer me to an adult mental health team 4 weeks ago, they still haven't even contacted them about me!! Apparently meds aren't any less dangerous to me just because I'm 4 weeks over the age of 18, so why on earth is the age limit set to 18 and above? The whole 'you can't have it until you're 18' thing is rubbish too, I know loads of kids and teens under 18 on high whack medication.

So yeah, I'm just another kid failed by the NHS. If I die, it's their fault, and I will soon enough as I already feel like a lost cause, and they just back up my theory by saying there is 'nothing' they can do! Nobody post underneath about calling for the crisis team, they are rubbish too.

I will carry on screaming this until someone finally pulls their finger out and helps me, and people in the same situation. We don't pay tax for healthcare just to be fobbed off and left to suffer! Damned if you do, damned if you don't, what way is there out of this mess.

When I described my symptoms she looked at me in disbelief. I haven't bathed in 2 weeks, my bedroom is swarming with flies because I haven't cleaned my guinea pigs out in 2 weeks, I have only left my bedroom for the toilet in 6 months, I haven't eaten over 1000 calories for 8 months, and I looked like absolute deaths door today, what more do they need. If they want me to have a heart attack from stress, just so I'll be one less to care about, they are going the right way. No jokes here.

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Hi muffin

I really dont no what is going wrong here for you , I wish I did , so I could help

With all your problems you have described over the last 8 to 9 months that I have been a member I cannot understand why you seem to be over looked so much , I no this system can be a little difficult to get a result at times but usually by now , especially with all your problems something would have been done

As for the meds , maybe you need to see another GP , I no 18 is the age limit they set & if they think meds would benefit you again I can not understand why the seem so reluctant in perscribing them you , especially as you are so willing to take them (unlike me with my med fear )

You say you havnt left your bedrooom in 6 months , I no now & again you have taken the dog a walk & went clothes shopping on your BD , even though these are small things , if they get mentioned they do then see it as you have been out , thats how they work , even though like I say its not a lot admitted

I so wish there was more I could say to help , maybe others will have some better advice , I hope so , but just to let you no I have read your post & we are listening to you




MuffinChops in reply to Hidden

I am glad I have this site for back up to prove how long this has been going on, it is ludicrous. I am afraid of going out, but the main reason is because I have a complete lack of energy. I have constant headaches, aches and pains, I can't breathe properly and I have heart palpitations a lot. I don't know what more I have to do in order to get some help. The only times I have been out is to go to CAMHS, walked the dog 3 times in the past 6 months for half an hour a time, been clothes shopping for an hour, and that is seriously it. What life is that for someone my age?

I'm sat here roaring my eyes out and punching myself, yes it's TMI, but it's the truth. All I want is some medication, and some proper help! I know most don't want medication, but I do! Doctors seem to always do the opposite to what you want, it's a load of bull. Seeing another GP on Monday, my mum is going to come with me as I feel I was taken advantage of then because of my age. My mum has been on medication since she was 23, so she knows all about it, and will not stand for it.

If I continue to get nowhere with any professional, I will kill myself, I have been holding on this long in hope of some help, but I have received naff all that's right for me. I feel more and more helpless each day.

Thanks for replying so fast, I am going to be in hell from now until someone gives me a glimmer of hope - again!


Hidden in reply to MuffinChops

I no hun , how hard this is for you , but I am so pleased to see you have another appointment on Monday & your mum is coming with you for support , you could be right they may over look what you are saying because of your age (even though it shouldnt make a difference ) but when you are older some of us feel we are fighting to get the right treatment as well , so it could be luck of the draw what kind of GP you have

Let your Mum come no matter how you feel that day , I think if she speaks up , fingers crossed they should listen

XBOX , American friend , soothing voice that helps calm you , just a thought , as I dont like to hear you feeling so frustrated & i no you have said that helps a lot in the past to calm you down :-/


Hi muffin

So sorry the system seems to be failing you, you have every right to be angry.

I have had a look around & there is some good information on the young minds website about the transition from child to adult mental health services, I hope the links work.



They are written for parents but lots of useful info. about how things should be done. There are also helplines, I have used these myself, they can even arrange for a counsellor to ring you at a pre-arranged time.

I do hope they help.

Take care & let us know how you get on.


If you turn up at A&E they have to do something. Explain how bad you feel and they may keep you in until you have seen a psychiatrist Your doctor stinks anyone that says they are suicadel are a risk

so sorry try another doctor and try and take small steps. Take your dog out and breathe in the fresh air, it helps me to take my 2 out people do stop and talk, Be kind to yourself

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