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I really need you guys right now

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Hey guys, so you all already know what I've been thru over these past couple days. And now my cycle started today and right before my cycle, during and right after, I get anxiety and depression really bad, impending doom like crazy smh. I can't stop the negative thoughts or find a way out of them. It's like a maze in my mind. Everyone around me is so happy and free and not thinking of anything negative at all. But me, I'm looking at them feeling envious because how they are is how I once was. I want to be my old self again, when I never thought of negative things, never felt impending doom, I was just happy and carefree, not afraid of anything at all. I miss my old self 😔 Can you guys relate at all?... Please tell me if you can

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Yes you are not alone. It's like I get even more sad seeing those around me that seem to be living normal lives all happy and my life is in slow motion of sadness. I can't even get a second of peace in my mind because my thoughts are racing a million miles a minute. I cry cry cry all the time I talk to God so much. I'm always thinking about how things were for me just five months ago I seem to have a normal happy life where I slept normal and ate normal. I wake up feeling nervous and it makes my anticipation for something bad to happen through the roof and I can't get no peace. You are not alone.

Oh thank you for this... Yes it's like this morning as soon as I opened my eyes I was overwhelmed with impending doom. And I just feel like why does my mind do this to me???? It's torture. Mine happened to me November of last year, from a bad trip on Marijuana. I haven't been the same since. But u know what Magnesium helped me and I haven't been taking. I think I may start taking it again tonight. I just feel so low like nothing will help me anymore

I'm taking magnesium as well it been two weeKS so I don't know if any of the vitamins are kicking in. But my anxiety came back hard on me just this June and basically all august was even worse. It's definitely torture of my brain. I've began to think I have brain problems now because my head feels wierd. I cry even more when I look at my kids. I can't believe this is so hard to get out of.

I know exactly what you mean.. It makes being a mom so much harder too... It's like damn I got like this and I know I wasn't like this before so why can't I get back to my old self again

I know what you mean. I used to be so sad for my kids that they had a mother like me with the anxiety and panic. They are older now and all have anxiety to some degree. I blame myself but the good thing is that I can reassure them that they're not crazy, just nervous.

At the moment, my hands don't seem like I'm in control of them. It makes me feel like I have a tumour or something. I have terrible health anxiety and am trying to get a handle on it. Failing miserably so far :/.

Absolutely. I'm in perimenopause and right now my body is trying to cycle but doesn't really know what it wants to do. My anxiety is through the roof and I have a medical tomorrow for a new job. I'm hoping I pass the medical but worried I won't as I have white coat syndrome which causes my BP to go up when I'm at the docs. Sometimes it feels like such an up hill battle.

Terrible, isn't it?? It took me awhile to notice the hormone connection but I definitely notice how much worse the feeling of dread gets the week before and first few days :-/

But you know what, as terrible as it is, it's sooooo comforting to know I'm not alone. Let's me know it's all in my head. But it feels so real

It's real..... knowing someone else feels it & also that it will go away, if even just a few days, makes it easier to tolerate.

I feel like telling yourself it's real is a very negative outlook and will hinder you from a full recovery. Just something for you to think about

I have just started my period and I feel absolutely crazy! I've been crying and freakinne g out waiting to die all night. It feels like I make so much progress but then as soon as I start PMSing all of it is gone

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and yeah I am always envious of my friends and family and stuff, being able to live normal lives and not even knowing how lucky they are. But then I used to be the same way and sometimes I torture myself thinking about how I took it for granted.

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Right, today is my 3rd day on my cycle and I get afraid to go to sleep because I fear my dreams, and all I can think about is this impending doom feeling making me feel like something terrible is about to happen to me or someone close to me, I'm thinking about it allllll day long, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. It's soooooooooooo torturing!!!!!!!

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I talk to my friends everyday and they NEVER even think about stuff like this like why me????

I can so relate I often wonder how long is this going to last when will I feel like me I just am not who I used to be and it makes me sad. I also find things get worse around my cycle. I think it could definitely be hormonal I've been looking into a supplement called happy hormones it's getting raving reviews I'm hoping it will help me here is the site if you are interested happyhormones.com.au

I'm hoping for the best for all of us xx

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Yes it's very frustrating and depressing to always feel like this, but especially around our cycles, it's torture. Thank you for this site!! I'm gonna look into this happy hormones supplements!! Than you Aazz!!

I will tell u something right now,when i feel anxious or down i always look round thinking people are carefree and not worrying,but they are im telling u people put on a front ,especially men , its a fact ,your not alone👍

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