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How i am getting on and help

Hey Everyone, sorry i haven't posted for a while i have been away camping for a week but so much has happened that i would love to share with you all. Firstly i got reply from the counselling service and i had my first appointment at the beginning of September, very much relieved that i had this appointment so that i can start sorting myself out and that i can control and maybe in time reduce my anxiety. This comes at a perfect time really for me where i am struggling to control my panics,.... over the summer was pretty stressful at times because i was responsible for a group of children for the week and i broke down by the monday and have a panic. My boyfriend mike was there at my side along with my dad to calm me down and to make sure i have everything i need. They said i should of told them if i was feeling like this and for the rest of the week i was absolutely fine and had a great time with the children.

The appointment lead on to a stress control class whenre i had to learn how to control and even battle my own stress by learning how to control the symptoms. And you know what ? it is actually working ! the techniques they have taught us have reduced my anxiety leveles plus i am sleeping alot better so i dont get stressed out easily. Which is helpful due to being in my final year of my degree at university ! it is going ok at the moment, the tutors are being great and helping me out big time so my stress levels dont go up to much plus my family friends and my boyfriend are bieng great to make sure i am ok! Got the follow up call today from the councelling service and they going to ring me back next week to see how the sessions went. they will probably want to ask if i need more help but i want to see if i can do it without them for a while , if it gets worse i can go back cant i ?

Finally getting some closure on this part of my life, finally got control back which feels brilliant ! just got to remember what i have learnt . I hope you are all well on this fine morning


CS19 xxx

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Good for you , it sounds like you are taking control !

Well done getting through the wobble & carrying on with the rest of the week with the children

I think your family & BF sound like they are a great support to you :-)

Hoping things just keep on improving for you , especially once you start you counselling as well :-)





good luck :)


There is always help out there. You have been very fortunate to have the good one. Good for you. Continue as you are. Xx


Well Done CS. Its great to hear some good news!


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