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How do I cope

I have been battling with anxiety for as long as I can remember, but as the years have gone by it has only gotten worse. After the birth of my youngest, it seems I can't get it under control. I always feel like something is wrong with me. The slightest symptom and I'm jumping on Google to see what it could possibly be and then the panic set in. I have been on multiple medications, all of which have not worked for me. I have also tried vitamins and natural remidies and I still can't seem to get it under control. I was hoping to get some suggestions to help cope with this. I feel like I'm insane! I really need to get this under control for my children as well as for my sanity!


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I literally could have written your post.i too have suffered with anxiety for as long I can remember.i had my daughter almost three years ago and that set off the worst anxiety.i,like you,still live with it everyday and no medicine has worked for me either.

It's awful.and until you have ever experienced this you cannot understand what it is is simply not a case of just "pulling yourself together".

I now have got to the point where I try everyday to do something.even if I feel horrendous.even if its just to the shops or the park with my daughter.i push myself because if I don't I will feel worse.

Have you tried having 30 minutes a day just for you?maybe reading a book,going for a run,listening to music?or breathing exercises?i find that if I try and take the focus off the anxiety it makes me forget.for a while anyway.have you ever been to therapy?

It's tough but you will get there.just remember you are not alone in feeling this way :)


It's hard for me to get 30 minutes to myself until night time. Usually what I do is lie in bed with a book and headphones on with relaxation music. I even have an oil diffuser and I'll throw some lavender in it. It slightly helps. I've been to therapy, I haven't been in a few weeks because of a few complications, but should be back to it next week. When I talk it out, I feel fine, but then after a few hours it comes back. I try distracting myself with different activities during the day, but that only works for so long until my brain is right back at it. It's a never ending battle and so overwhelming. Thank you so much for your input, it's nice to actually hear from someone who understands. I will try to work more me time into my day. Maybe I can talk my mom into keeping my babies for me for an hour from time to time.


Have you tried Sertraline ? Also cut sugar from your diet. Serious tips from someone who has been through this for decades, and tried everything.


I'm new to no sugar, but I have cut it out of my diet. I have not tried sertaline. I'll have to look into it


Have you had your B12 levels and folate levels checked.

Anxiety is among the many and varied symptoms of B12 deficiency.


Taking a normal supplement may not help as you may have an underlying absorption problem that has been exacerbated by the pregnancy and if you are breast feeding by that as pregnancy needs a lot of B12. You would need doses of around 1000mg a day or more to overcome the problem.

Minnie87 suggestions are good ones in relation to dealing with the anxiety itself.


I have stuggled with severe anxiety and tension all my life. Sometimes it is immobilizing. I feel like I am losing hope. Hope is all important. We have to dig down to find faith and purpose!


We have to learn to cope with it I'm afraid positive thinking push forward I have a sence of humour with mine after 35 years with it I'm not allowing. It to ruin the rest of my life. Put my foot down had enough. As for googling health problems its gonna make your anxiety worse love anxiety comes with alot of symptoms I could write a book on them take care love were not alone.


Wow, me too. Ladies, life can be unbelievably tough when you are dealing with anxiety. There are so many things to try and avenues to examine. We find the path that helps and stick to that for a while. Music, exercise, cooking, cleaning...typing even, have all helped me. When I look at my life and the whole picture I see myself having come thru some really horrific times. And I made it. I didn't think I would at the time. We are much stronger than we think. And the human body does not give up easily. I am still an anxious person and I still do the wrong things like googling symptoms and scaring the daylight a out of myself and yet I know I am more in control of fear than I used to be. Keep fighting the fear. Keep doing your best, know you can do your kids and family and friends. And love yourself too. People often don't understand if they have never had a panic attack. Just get over it...what a load of crap. We know it isn't that easy. Keep posting and supporting each other. That understanding can help better than any pill. My best to everyone.


It is not all ladies by the way. I am an male. and have 50 years of immobilizing tension, very severe, especially in my chest and throat. I had early childhood abuse. Right now I in severe tension which almost immobilizes my whole body. One of the paradoxes is if I feel more relaxed, I tend to tighten up. Drugs, except for antidepressants, are not helpful. I made a recent decision to heal myself something I had never done before. Now I am dealing with all kinds of disappointments and "rejections". I am trying to console, nurture and give compassion to my inner infant over and over again. Because I know the freaking out is coming from that tiny infant who was very, threatened. Hard to be positive amidst challenges which seem to say "You cannot do it".


I know exactly where you're coming from I have been going through the same thing for over 4 years I just recently started iron pills a week ago and almost feel worse than I did before. I found out i was anemic. I don't know if thats the cause for all my anxiety or not. I have 4 kids and feel horrible that I'm not 100%. There has got to be a solution for all of this. I'm in constant prayer. I know my faith isn't as strong as it should be but man I'm trying. God knows. I wish you the best. Message me. I would love to talk more with you if you'd like. Everything your going through is very similar to me.


Thanks for your kind reply if it was to me.


It does get to the point you can't cope. It's not in your head, it's physical, and therapy can only do little.

I'm 56, I suffered 40 years. My solution was a combination of years of trials of different medications.

I personally used Xanax and adivan lots of ice packs to get me through the years of panic attacks while wading and waiting though different meds.

In the end, what worked for me personally was 200mgs Toprimate 2x daily, 10mg Paxil, 100mg Seriquil. I also fold that less was better!

What didn't work, amoung many others, was gabapentin or Lithium, they gave ME tics and made MY anxiety worse. Seriquil over 200mgs shut my bladder down, Depakote made ME nauseated and gave me headaches etc...

The key to anxiety is to not give up. Work with a shrink that will see you at least every 3 weeks until he finds a solution. Mine was willing to see me every two weeks!

I am 100% free of anxiety after suffering within inches of taking my own life. It can be done.

One last thought, in my mother's case, she has parkensons. She had severe anxiety caused by the parkensons. However, the medication for parenting would not work. Eventually I figured out the problem. The Haldol she was taking was BLOCKING the medication!

Be sure other medications you are taking are not causing you anxiety directly or indirectly!

As one of the other members already mentionef, be sure there aren't other reasons, such as ANEMIA or HYPERTHYROIDISM (to low tsh, to high t3 or t4) this is different than hypo thyroid...


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