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Getting help?


I wondered if anyone could give me any advice on going to a doctor for anxiety. I went once before a few years ago and i got sent straight to counselling, but it didnt help and i think medication is a better option for me. I'm 16 from the UK and although i can go to a doctor alone, i do not have access to my medical numbers because my parents keep those.

My parents also know about my anxiety but we're not particularly close so i find it difficult to talk about these things with them.

I also cannot talk on the phone because of anxiety so i cannot make an appointment that way.

Any help would be much appreciated because, after about 4 years, it's got to a point where it's taking over my life.

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Hi Hun, is the doctors far from where you live? If it's not would you feel comfortable going in to make an appointment? Also is there a family member you are close to that you could talk to? X

Maddie2008 in reply to Lizxx

Thanks for the reply. It's fairly close but i wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to make an appointment. And sadly, no x

Lizxx in reply to Maddie2008

Ok Huni, it sounds like speaking to your doctor would help. I know you said your not close to your parents but could you talk to them about it x


Hey! Could you not contact your doctor surgery and book an appointment? Or you could even google your doctors and book an appointment online? X

Hidden in reply to Hidden

You just call them say you would like an appointment and give them your name and date of birth! They'll book you in x

Maddie2008 in reply to Hidden

You need an account for my doctors and my parents dont let me have access to that sort of information x

Give your parents a chance. Let them know how you are really feeling. You would be surprised at how many parents don't understand their relationship with their teens. And how many teens are positive their parents don't know anything or have experienced anything like what you're going through. When in fact, a lot of the time they have felt just what you're feeling. If that doesn't work, try your school. The nurse, or if you have counselors.

The main thing is to speak up and tell someone you need help. That part is on you. Don't let yourself down. It's a huge step, but the relief you will feel when you realize people care is amazing.

Thanks for your advice.

I have tried those things - my parents had a horrific reaction to my depression which lead me to just having to pretend that it went away. And the school counsellors only made my anxiety worse because I was being pulled out of lessons.


There are different types of counselling and you don't have to go and see some one you can look up courses on line too and some are free. Reading up on Cbt that might help you it's not as indepth as other forms of counselling.

There are self help books that you can buy too ' the chimp paradox-mind management is good.

Counselling helps some people but not for others it does also depend on the counsellor too and of you can work with each other. But self help and learning to help your self to cope with anxiety and learning about it is one of the best things you can do.

It's a shame your parents aren't very supportive, but sometime family is too close. Maybe try and find someone else you can talk to or even coming on here just releases pressures.


I maybe a little dense, but what do you mean by horrific? I gotta tell ya, you're only hurting yourself by pretending "it's all okay". And as far as getting anxious from missing class, your counselor should be able to work out a way you can get your lessons AND the help you need.

Maybe your parents were frightened by your announcement. But pawning them off and telling them that everything is okay, so they stop asking you about it, is NOT the answer.

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