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Am I going crazy?

Hellos everyone I am 26 years old and i am an anxiety sufferer for the past 5 years now... My first attack was 5 years ago and i have the same symptoms as most shaky, numerous thoughts some depression it was my first time ever feeling anxious and I wasnt sure how to deal with it. With time i started feeling better and lasted a good 4 years happy dealing with some anxiousness but i was in control of it. Backtrack to a month ago i was at work and my vision went blurry they took me to the ER ran cat scan and some tests and everything came out normal... I was dealing with a big stomach virus that made me lose alot of fluids and in my head i thought that that was the reason why i got the double vision. But as most anxious people think i started to think negative blamed some of my symptoms on me having a heartattack or stroke epilepsy or even seizures. This controls my life Ive felt worse than the first time i experienced anxiety. I feel like i cant control it anymore... This has affected my work im scared to go to work because im scared of having a panic attack or going crazy or losing control. When i am at home i am fine but the moment im somewhere by myself or work or school i feel horrible. I need to have someone of my family around me at all times to feel better my brother mother fiance. I take deep breaths they dont work i try to distract myself doesnt work i even joined a gym and i am speaking with a counsler but i feel like i am stuck and theres no way out... Again the only time i feel a tad bit better is when i am at home with my fiance and stepkids. I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel....all i think about is quitting my job but i have to pay for school out of pocket....and everytime im at work i dont barely last a whole day i have to tell someone to pick me up qnd i feel like such a burden.... Am I going crazy?

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You only feel like you're going crazy, but you're not. You simply have too much anxiety. Everything you've said describes too much anxiety. It's time to get to your Dr. and tell him or her your symptoms and let him prescribe you a medicine for this anxiety and possibly for depression, also. It may be 1 drug or 2. You may also be recommended for counseling, which will be a very good thing. Ask for it if the Dr. doesn't think of it first.

It's perfectly normal to want to be around other people when your anxiety is out of control. It's also normal to have "health anxiety" which means you imagine all kinds of health problems that you really don't have. The sooner you get to a Dr. the sooner you will start to feel better. You CAN get back to normal but it may take a few weeks or so, depending on the drug(s) your Dr. chooses and how they work for you. Write back so we can hear how you're doing. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.


Thank you so much Suesz for replying it really means alot.... The only thing is that i refuse any type of medication i want to fix my life a little more naturally i want to build myself to be strong enough so that if this happens again i can kick its ass lol..... Its just a little overwhelming you know.... I just hope this doesnt last long


If you had leukemia would you accept chemo? If you had a vitamin deficiency would you take more of that vitamin? If you had high blood pressure would you take your BP medicine? And so on... You have chemicals in your brain that aren't balanced correctly but you don't want to take the required medicines to balance them. It doesn't make sense to me. Your brain is an organ like your skin or your heart or your kidneys. It gets disorders just as they do.

I guess you can focus on the CBT counseling and breathing techniques and self-talk. Exercise helps, and distraction helps. The problem is you can't do a lot of these when you must be focused on working and so forth. I wish you all the best results with your efforts.


SueSz I totally agree with you.

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Thank you i will definitly try!


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