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A Day of Mind Wandering

Hi All,

Been out and about for the last couple of days so unable to sit down and write, also had a review at my GP's so yesterday left me unable to think straight.

Really do feel sorry for those of you who are suffering at the moment especially the one's who have just joined the site recently, it does get better and thanks to the questions, I've now discovered where the lump in my throat comes from, had it for years and it never seems to go away.

Trying hard to concentrate today but am just failing miserably, 3 emails all on the go at the moment, sometimes I think whoever thought up the term butterfly thinking had me in mind

as on days like this and yesterday can't hold my thoughts for more than 5 minutes and just continually type, read and retype then amend again. You should have seen me in the day of ink, quill and parchment.

I want to be busy but I know once I start I won't stop, sounds daft I know, if I force myself to tidy then within half an hour the tooth brushes will be out and I'll be polishing the skirting board. Why does this problem effect us in such strange ways, they all seem so unique yet as this site shows some where along the line whether it's anxiety, stress, depression all of us have a bit of one symptom or another and live in a confused state only seemingly being able to communicate with each other.


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I have many days of mind wandering , in fact having one myself today , so many things going round & when I have days like this like you I start things & move on to the next , before I have completed the last one :o

I wish I had an on of switch to my brain at times , so I could give it a rest

Nothing you say is stupid , this is how anxiety feels & only when you have suffered & had these feelings can you understand & like you say , we all may differ in how it effects us , but we all no what it feels like & thats how we relate to each other & support each other as we do on this site

We all get days which seems worse than others & I think we can be very harsh on ourselves when we are , maybe to accept how we feel , take time out & re group our thoughts would be the best idea , I no when our minds are chasing this can be very hard to do , but I find this is the only way I can get things back into perspective , even though it can be easier said than done

I sometimes just have to say OK today I am just not getting it , so I am going to look after me & give myself a break & try again tomorrow & not feel bad which only results in me feeling more anxious

I dont no if this makes any sense at all , but it helps me

Hope you can try & relax & maybe leave as much as you can for today or just pick one thing up, the most important , deal with that & if you cant , dont be hard on yourself , its how anxiety can make us feel





Hi Why Why,

You know all your comments make perfect sense.

No it really has been a complete mare for the last couple of days. Wanted to do so much but achieved so little. Starting to feel more positive but that's just going to start more anxiety, as I can return to work but my employer wants me to go to another part of the country, where I was when the cycle came back. Deep joy, the journey will just set me off again so I'll have to explain all that.

Started with the list again, going to try 4 out of 6 tomorrow and see how that goes.

I know I've said it before but thanks for your positive spin Why Why, I do appreciate the comments.



XXX & [[[[[[[[[[[Hugs]]]]]]]]]]


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