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really bad 3 days going out of my mind

hi everybody out there.

Ive been suffering from cronic anxiety for over 30 years, on and off. but since last sept I have had a mental health social worker who I see 1 every 2 weeks and can phone anytime. sounds good but its not getting to the root of why I have these melt downs. I am going to CBT session tomorrow 1st one have had it before so this time dont know what to expect maybe im expecting to much dont want to get my hopes up.

well the past 3 days ive been in melt down from waking up i get a stomach sensation which leaves me wanting the loo,then i start heaving but not sick then my body starts shaking and I feel cold and cant get warm. These symptoms are horrible I cant manage any tea or coffee the thought makes my mouth water and I am eating very little. Like today ive had a weetabix and a small bowl of soup and a yoghurt,

Ive had the doctor out and told her I wanted to go in hospital thats how bad I felt, think I wanted somebody to look after me, prob not what I think it is like in there anyway, you probably get left on your own most of the time, but this thought was so real to me I was that desperate.

anybody else out there as bad as me as I feel nobody can feel like this?

have you wanted to go into phych ward because you have felt that bad out of control with anxiety

or been on a phych ward what was it like maybe this will bring me to my senses ?

thanks for listening to me rant on any comments please will check back later xx

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Acute wards can be the only option for some and is what is needed but if you can manage without getting admitted do so. Anxiety/depression sufferers don't always get the care they think they will and can often be overlooked. You are clearly having it bad at the moment, it will pass or at least ease off. Stay with the CBT if you can.


ive had anxiety & agoraphobia for over 30 yrs same as you. i spent 9 weeks on a psychiatric ward about 30 years ago all they did was give me pills. now at long last ive started c.b.t. can only have 8 sessions, 1 every 2 weeks. ive been to the liberary & got some books on on c.b.t. to try help myself. at the moment im doing ok. hope it lasts as ive had so many set backs, but i never give up treying & hoping ill get well. best wishes to you. if you ever want a chat just leave me a message.x


All sounds just like me. The psychiatric is most def where you do not want to be. My cousin had a spell in there and he was in a terrible state while in there and when he came out. He was drugged all the time, walked around talking to himself, seeing things that were not there, nope not sure i would like that, were not mad nor are we irrational, we just get mad irrational thoughts which are simply brought on by the sub concious mind it sets the anxiety and panic attacks off until we get ourselves in such a state of hyperventilation that we are then out of control. There is no easy fix and no one can do this for us, we can seek help, meds, couselling/therapy but i guess we all know at the end of all this and nothing has worked that really it was none of that we needed all we had to do was change our minds ourselves and there is only us that can do that. We get guidance from CBT but if your so focussed on this horrible anxiety taking over then it will, so i would say rethink yesterday, and last night before bed and remember what you did and today change everything, its easy when you know how but is a hard struggle to get where you want to be. But with determination you will get there. Good luck


dear clio,I feel exactly like you,have panic ,anxiety,an agroaphobia for 35 years,was on medcation but came off it recently,as I realised it was making me feel off balance and dizzy,doing CBT now ,and taking xanax as needed.I have felt like putting myself in for treatment,or banging my head against the wall,just to get relief from my anxiety.since starting CBT he has convinced me I don't need antidepressants as i am not depressed,anxiety is a different ailment,that can be overcome with the way you think or act.takes time, and im still learning,but Iwould recommend it.please dont hospitalise yourself because of anxiety.they just drug you lifeless in there.all you need is to retrain your brain...hang in there....


thanks for replying,

its terrible i wouldnt wish it on anybody!!

I hate taking meds I dont really think they do anything for me now but to scared to come off them and its prob only the diazepam that has really calmed me down.

how do you cope daily? mornings are my worst time with all the symptoms I get I dred

mornings, do you have problems eating when you are anxious? s, do you not go out?

My CBT session today was all questions about how it effects me what I have done previous what helps me. I just said drugs and time I think. I have to go for 3 more weeks and then we will see if its for me.

I was that desperate these last few days and my partner who is my rock can only understand so much. I just thought hospital was where i would get help and answers but in a more clearer state with the state of the nhs \I would be druged up and prob just left.

cheers xx


hi kellyI can so relate to how your feeling,I have a fear of drugs,Iget bad side effects from them,xanax is all I take plus rescue remedy, my husband wanted to go on holiday,but I backed out,i am too afraid,I get nausea from the anxiety in my stomach,I take motilium for that,after half hour I can eat,I don't go out socialising much,only when I have to.i've started to get headaches yes it is a living hell,everyday is a struggle.i am doing CBT for 2 months now,this man is really good,he gives me tasks to do every week,when I started Iwas housebound,now I walk to the shop on my own,every day,that was one of my tasks.its not easy,and somedays im walking like im drunk,but make myself anyway.i am still anxious,but he says Ican cure this without drugs,so we'll see what happens,keep me informed kelly how your getting sucks...


sorry clio is your name,dont know why I wrote kelly...


Hi Clio. Diazepam do work, they are great for a very short term relaxant but they are also highly addictive and we do become dependant on medication even though we know deep down it does nothing really. Subconcious mind is why we do this. There is a post i put on about behaviour through the concsious mind take a look it may give you some more insight. I do hope there is something out there for us all in time to come because there is surely nothing right now.

There is no immediate fix to this and when we think how long we have suffered and what we have gone through it makes us worry more. So i tend not to think this way now and just tell myself, of course im getting it sorted because im having less attacks, im not as stressed now because i choose not to be, why worry,

If we cannot pay a bill we worry, what is the worse that can be done ? it can be sorted.

If we eat something we do not like we worry, all subconsiously though because we are telling ourselves we don't like it. So what happens you don't eat it again.

If we say something that we know was maybe hurtful to someone again its because of our own feelings and insecurities but what can you do about it, nothing is there, only say you are sorry. So what is the point in worrying about it. What has happened in the past should stay in the past and this is now and everything you do or say should become positive attitude because it is about ourselves this and how we can sort ourselves out. IN reality there is only ourselves that can get us through this.

Mind over matter hun. I know this for sure with myself. Good luck and i do hope anything i have said will help even if only a tiny bit. xx


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