Can't fall alseep. Mind becomes alert and keeps me awake

Hey guys so this problem began around 3 weeks ago when i was unable to sleep for two days straight even with 0.25mg clonazepam. Since i had a exam coming up i had to take 2mg lorazepam which knocked me out after 3-4 hours. I was able to sleep normally after that but the problem returned. And this time i was able to fall alseep by myself after 2 days.

Yesterday was the worst i was able to fall alseep after 3 days(3 hour sleep on one day, half hour sleep on the next) for 4 hours after taking clonazepam and waiting a long time. After the first case i was able to sleep soundly the next few days and same after the second case. I think unable to sleep has anxiety in me because when i am yawning and my eyes are closing i feel like sleeping but my mind like realizes this and wakes me up as i am about to. So how do i say let go and stop worrying about sleep?


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  • I think if the sleeping tablet isn't working go see your doctor. I'd say it's hard to advice you on how to unwind cos I don't know if your work or anything is causing you stress. Is it anything you can resolve the worry? Or is it general anxiety?

  • I think its general anxiety. The more i am awake the more i feel anxious about why i am not sleeping. Previously sleeping was an afterthought for me nowadays its like my mind is actively trying to prevent me from going to sleep

  • I had exactly the same thing myself in the past it's a cycle isn't it? This may sound odd but if I can't sleep I get up and do something now. I maybe even tidy or clean things or read then go back to bed when I feel tired. My ADHD makes me have strange sleep patterns. Sometimee I get to sleep but am up in the night.

  • I get that but what makes this hard for me is that until i sleep i have a loss of appetite and indigestion,heaviness in chest and feeling disinterested

  • Well it can certainly affect appetite if I don't sleep I feel nauseous and don't eat sometimes. It can affect mood too. Sleep is so important. I get chest pains I think if the body doesn't rest it can do all kinds of things to us! I would definitely go see your doctor about it. I find sometimes it takes time to resolve these things.

  • Yeah but i really want to lie in bed until sleep comes but it never does

  • It won't either I found that. Need to distract the mind from worry. What you could try is making a note of your worries you having when you can't sleep then you got them out of your head. I was told to do that & it works cos they aren't in your head anymore. Try it see if it helps. Even if it's just your fed up of not sleeping. I done that. Oh yeah & if there's any noise bothering you that won't help either.

  • Like a journal or diary?

  • Yeah that's right! Just write what you feel.😊

  • Ok i'll try. Thanks.

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