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I haven't been on here for a while as I felt other people's issues were making me more anxious, sorry everyone, that's not the right attitude, is it! Haha x

Anyway, I thought I'd give a quick update; I've been on citalopram for 3 months or so and finally started my Mindfulness course 2 weeks ago. Before that I started going to a relaxation class about 5 weeks ago, and also started going to yoga about 2 weeks ago.

I think it's all helping, but if only I could keep the relaxed feeling I have during yoga and relaxation with me at all times; I suppose it's just practice.

My sleeping is massively better now, maybe 2 days out of 10 I have trouble now? And waking up with a feeling of dread has mostly stopped (although I must admit I feel a bit like that this morning).

I hope this post might help people who feel their anxiety is never-ending, because that's the way I felt for years before I plucked up courage to go to my GP and ask for help.

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Morning Twisty

I understand what you are saying , sometimes , it can make me feel worse as well , as when you have health anxiety , & you read things it can play on my mind & then an idea I havnt thought of starts been one , i usually take a day ot two of & then I am ok again :)

Thankyou for posting & giving us an update , this will help others & I am so pleased things seem to be going well for you & i hope it continues :)




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Thanks whywhy x

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Well done you are now on the way of a possible new life, the techniques you are learning will serve you well and you should gain in confidence as you travel down the road to recovery. Yoga will also help in the control of your anxiety.

Twenty or thirty years has seen me learn the relaxation techniques that I need for Pain Control and my diagnosed REACTIVE MANIC DEPRESSION I still become depressed, although I have the tools to part control it. This gives me confidence to carry on and lead a more complete life.

Good Luck, well done and keep it up 10/10



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Thanks Bob x

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well done you!!! Im a massive fan of mindfulness,i wouldn't be with out it!

I swear by it:} Could i suggest an App for your phone, calm.com I listen to it in the morning,late afternoon and just before bed. Good Luck in your course.xx

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Thank you very much x

I'm starting a mindfulness course next Weds. A bit nervous about going, I'm struggling with anxiety and depression at the moment. Just can't seem to step back from my anxious thoughts. I've read lots of books on mindfulness and agree with the concept but it seems so hard to get out of the vicious circle I get myself in. Yesterday morning I was in floods of tears after walking the dog and yet went to work in the afternoon and was absolutely fine, probably because I had something to focus on. Just want to feel normal again.

That sounds a bit like me! The course I'm on is actually demonstrating it to you rather than telling you about it, hope yours is the same, as you've read all about it already maybe it'll all slot into place x

I am waiting to apply to go on a mi dfulness course but cos my cbt only finished last week I have been told I must wait 3 months before I can apply

:( :(

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That's a shame, I had to wait 8 weeks for this one to start but luckily I was able to attend weekly relaxation sessions with Mind which really helped, is there something similar you could go to to help keep your focus in the meantime?

Not sure what is arou d.

Will have to look for something to keep me ticking over though.

Do have a couple of good frinds .We can always chat and share our thoughts and concerns.

It is wonderful to be able to talk to someone.in person or online like this.

Keep positive. Xx

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