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Hi everyone, I'm sure we've all been told at some point to let it go!!! The past is the past!! We're overthinking!! And thinking of the worst case senarios!! Living in the past etc etc ...... we've all suffered bad things in our lives!! No one is immune from trouble sadness and loss. All that then makes some of us emotional wrecks. So some people have to take medication to get through, and have therapies. We will try most things if it will take away our suffering as long as it's not harmful!! Some things work for us and some don't. We all need positive things to look forward too and I know a lot of you practice meditation and mindfulness. I use apps that have helped me but I went to a class on Thursday and it was such a positive experience that I class it as one of the best experiences of my life!! It was an hour long in all. I felt better than I had in a long long time!! Really happy and relaxed. It's something you will need to keep doing until you can harness the skill. All I'm saying is if you've never tried it then give it a go!! It may just help you find a way through.we are all here to try help and support each other in any small way we can. I hope this may help!! Take care everyone πŸ™πŸ»

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Works for me as well, have not been to classes but a simple discover that helped me put the brakes on the down spiral was grounding and meditation on you tube some in particular helped me relax to sleep better makes all the difference. Just taking 10 to 20 minutes listening and relaxing does help drain anxiety.

Sounds strange but you get so relaxed even the quilt felt heavy !

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I've had hypnotherapy and listen to anxiety apps but for me it was another level!! I even felt fidgety at one point thinking I don't think this will work the way I'm carrying on!! But at the end of it I felt like I was walking on air!! Lovely to hear it helps you too Trev πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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Goldfish_ in reply to Angep

I'm envious. I've learnt to relax but those seriously negative thoughts from the past and regrets persist

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Well don't be envious!! Give it a try!! Seriously I mean it. Find a class near to you. You've got nothing to loose now in comparison. I can only speak for myself of course and it's so good for your mental health.if you have a good teacher you will leave the class with no negative thoughts.

This was very good to read the thoughts and cycle can be so discouraging setting u back we have all been there

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