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Coronavirus mindfulness

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my advice for the pandemic;Shop incrementally: buy one essential every day. Remember if you are by chance ever quarantined it is only for 2 weeks. Think logically about how much you use in 2 weeks and be sure you have enough of these items for that period of time. If it helps, while you’re healthy start tracking how much and what you use each day, noting how much of this is left at the end of the day. This will help you be prepared for what you need, and prevent over buying/panic buying.

Educate yourself: symptoms of the virus start as fever, cough, and sore throat. If you feel I’ll be sure your monitor your temperature for 24 hrs. If you have a fever call your doctors office and note what you’ve experienced and they should direct you to virus testing centers. Also keep calm and know that if you are a healthy person more than likely this virus is not going to kill you, it will just suck for a little bit just like the flu does.

You can call your doctor: if at any time you have a question about what your feeling or what precautions you need to take, if you are very concerned, you can always contact your doctors office by phone and ask for advice.

Tally your exposure risks: another great way to help calm some worries is to note what your actual exposure risks are. This will also help with your conversation with your doctor. You can say things like, I take public transport, I work in healthcare, I work with the public. Anything you might consider you being at risk will help your doctor evaluate your situation and give you the best advice.

Disclaimer I am not a doctor, I do work in the medical field and have taken note from doctors and management on what would be most helpful to the public coming in with questions and symptoms.

I believe this isn’t as fearful as most of the world is making it out to be and I hope these tips help ease minds and calm worries. God bless y’all.

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I am more in fear of living off of baked beans for two weeks, rather than the virus itself

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fragile58 in reply to Ryan990

Well you are lucky 😂. I couldn’t find one tin on my online shop today 👍🏻

Tlicht, thank you for your post. I too believe that knowing what we are dealing with

can help reduce some of the concerns. Listen to the news if you must, with an open

mind. Follow simple rules involving washing your hands and keeping your fingers

and hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. It's basically common sense rules.

We need to keep our fears and panic down. Stress can make us more vulnerable

to any illness not just Coronavirus.

Spend time with your family. Have dinner together, play games, live life.

This too shall pass. Take care Tlicht, you've been a helpful and caring addition

to our virtual family :) xx

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Tlicht0829 in reply to Agora1

That was very kind, thank you

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hypercat54 in reply to Agora1

We don't all live with family Agora! 😏 x

Then enjoy the peace and quiet and use it as an opportunity to practice meditation and self love and self help. This time is a great opportunity for us all to care for ourselves which everyone could use. :)

That's all very well but for my mental health I need companionship. I am not a recluse and don't intend ever to be.

Skype and a pet?

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Ryan990 in reply to Tlicht0829

Or a poster of Dolly Parton

Doesn't replace human face to face company.

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Agora1 in reply to hypercat54

I understand dear, because I am alone as well. Actually the virus hasn't

changed the way I live from day to day. My life is such that I am pretty much

established in a fulfilling life. I enjoy the moments that I can and try to always

keep a positive attitude. I enjoy my home, it may be small but it's comfy and warm.

I lost my friends during the 5 years I was Agoraphobic. So I've learned to be my

own best friend. I Meditate each and every day which brings me peace and calm

within myself. What I really would like to see is all of us going on with our lives

the best we can and not resort to just existing. I'm always here for you. :) xx

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hypercat54 in reply to Agora1

Bless you my friend. The same is true in reverse. 😁🧡🧡 xx

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Agora1 in reply to hypercat54

Thanks, that means a lot. :) xx

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hypercat54 in reply to Agora1

😁😁 xx

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Timmypliskin in reply to Agora1

Your right, the truth is most people just hang out and watch TV.... but when you tell humans that they can't do something..... lookout!

Each person and their situation is different. In my case I can be quarantined at home because I am housebound anyway. But I need to be able to take care of my pets. And my partner needs to be able to visit me and be here. He is the one who takes care of me and does everything for me and there is NOBODY at all other than him. Our government are saying that the over 70s should stay in doors for a while soon. But we know plenty who have already started that, noat just over 70s, of all ages. My guy usually meets loads of people. His business is going to suffer a lot now as he loses l.ots of customers, he may well get into a lot of debt and have to close down his business.

I agree that , though serious, is getting blow up by the media, and politics.

As far as " calling your doctor " good luck with that, it never was a viable option, now even more of a joke. Your calling and talking to a receptionist, and they are telling people the standard " go to the er" or stay isolated, ride it out.

My wife did go to the er, and was told to go home and self isolate. Wasn't tested for anything.

Best thing to do is not sit in front of the TV watching the hype all day.

Please don't take all this as a negative,

I just know its very difficult with anxiety even on a regular basis, and this kind of media circus will only make it worse.

If everyone cooperates, will get thru it.

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